Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Dodge Challenger

Well kiss my ass and kick me in the balls! The new Dodge Challenger is in all the new car mags and man... does it look fine! Much nicer than the new Ford Mustang. Lets get a few things straight. The Plymouth Barracuda was the first "pony car." Yea, the Mustang was prettier than the first 'Cuda, but first is first. The idea was to make a n inexpensive "European" sporty car out of your average boring small car of the day. The Barracuda was based on the Plymouth Valiant and the Mustang on the Ford Falcon. Now I see all these neo-Mustang guys on web pages saying how the new Mustang "started the retro craze." What?!? The Dodge Viper started the current automotive "retro-craze" back in 1989. I think some car guys wear blinders when it comes to their brand of choice and reality. Let's not forget the horrible Ford neo T-Bird of a few years back. That thing was butt ugly. Chrysler has been exciting the automotive world for the last two decades with unbelievable concept cars and truly unique and visionary designs. This excitement has spilled over into the other brands. I personally think Ford was really pissed at Dodge, as the Viper brought back Shelby's Cobra concept onto a modern platform. Kinda stole their thunder why they were sittin' around countin' beans. Shelby had jumped Ford's ship and done some really cool things with Chrysler in the '80's, ultimately leading to the Viper. So how "cutting edge" was it for Ford, when the Mustang was scheduled for a restyle, to dip into the "retro design well?" Not very. I'm glad the new Mustang is selling in spades. It's not a bad looking car (except the back end is too rounded) and may help drive a few more designs like the new Challenger. The automotive industry is reactive and Fords reaction to the Viper has come back to Dodge (and hopefuly GM and no I don't count the SSR and HHR). These are exciting times for American car enthusiasts!

Monday, December 19, 2005

First Generation Dodge Charger

Creating movie back story props. Check out this Photoshoped picture of my 1/25th scale model Dodge Charger. I liked the pic so well- I made it into a poster and shirt series that people can get at our Cafe Press website (under the Charger Stuff Section). Man...I love Photoshop. What in the hell you ask does this have to do with the Hot Rod Girls Save The World movie? You'll see.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Super Amanda!

Had an extremely productive weekend with You Tube starlet Super Amanda. We flew her out to do vocal work on Hemi Charger (with KsK), House Party (with D.A. Sebasstian & The Inner Demons) and Listless (with KsK) as well as an interview spot for Go-Kustom TV (interviewed by Miss Piper), a pick-up scene for Hot Rod Girls Save The World (with pin-up vixen Hot Rod Heidi) and a music video for the song she recently sang- Killing Machine (also a tie-in for HRGSTW). She's an incredibly talented, friendly and vivacious lady! She has also graciously agreed to begin working for Go-Kustom Rekords as A&R Representative. Super Amanda Rocks!!!