Monday, January 29, 2001

d.A. Sebasstian CD

Finished Mastering the new d.A. Sebasstian self titled CD. It has a different sound than the old Kill Switch...Klick stuff. I've listened to these new songs so many times I don't know what to think about the CD as a whole. I'm suffering from a bit of audio burn out. Overall it's really diverse going from Elektro-billy and Electronica to Murder Ballad and Noise Punk. We got the sequencing down and Mell Dettmer did a great job of putting it all I've just got to get it out there and see how everybody else likes it. Street date is scheduled for March 27th.

Tuesday, January 23, 2001


Well it's tax time in the Sebasstian home. Man what a drag! It took me all day Sunday (yesterday 10am-1am) to finish the majority of it. We own two small businesses and have one employee so it makes for extra heavy doses of paperwork. It's getting to where I dread Januarys every year!

Friday, January 19, 2001


The WHO CARE'S Showcase at the University Bookstore went over very well. Check the WHO CARES Photo Page for pics of the mini-show.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001


Wrote and finished another new song called Taildragger. It's a low slow minimalist piece with a groovy 808 style kick drum and a hi moogish 1970's synth lead line. This song will end up on the new d.A. Sebasstian CD. I might add one more slide acoustic guitar and vocals tune to balance all the electronica songs that are ending up on this disc.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

What a Week!

What a week! Martin Atkins (ultra-famous drum god from Pigface, PiL, Killing Joke) called Sunday and said he's interested in doing some work together on a label level...can't talk about the details, as nothings set in stone. I should know in a few weeks. Started working on a new song last week called Last Ride. I'm in the detailing & mixdown stages right now. This one is going to be on my new CD. It has a twang ridden-electronica sound so should sit well with the other tunes.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

1/10/01- 01/../01

1/10/01- 01/../01 dates look very strange to me. I thought 2001 would be all futuristic and shit. I remember when I was 20 back in 1984 (another stigmatic date) and I thought, "Damn, I'm gonna be 36 in the year 2000 and 37 in 2001. I wonder how cool and futuristic and trippy everything will be?" Well guess what...were still driving cars with wheels and nobody but Beck and the few real astronauts of the world, wear a space suit on a regular basis. Man...we don't even have a moon base. That was supposed to happen in 1999, remember Space:1999 where by the moon's radioactive storage facility blew up and sent the moon hurtling through space? That was supposed to be two years ago damnit! All we got was a millennium celebration one year before the millennium and Art Bell & Company freaking everyone out with doom and gloom predictions right up until midnight December 31st, 1999. The computers are gonna crash! The world now so dependent on the computer will crumble! Civilization as we know it will end! Store your food! Get a gun! Look...I just wanted the damn moon to blow up like it did on Space:1999! I wanted to go on an orbiting space station that looked like a big Hamster Wheel in space like in 2001: A Space Odyssey! I wanted to drive a flyin' Police Car like in Blade Runner...but wait...that's supposed to be in 2019. I can wait just a little longer.

Tuesday, January 9, 2001


Almost bounced some checks yesterday. Caught it at the post office when I tried to use my debit card and had to make a special trip to the bank and fix it. "But wait," you ask," what in the hell does this have to do with anything. I do not care about your personal finances, Mr. d.A. Sebasstian." Listen...and I will tell you. Today I went to pick-up some film at the local drug store. When I was sorting through the bag I noticed there was another envelope in the bag. It was a "WELCOME TO THE BANK" new checking kit with blank checks inside and a deposit print out for some girl named Dierdra (last name intentionally withheld) new account. How the hell did this persons Checking Starter Envelope Kit (which does look oddly like the film envelopes I picked up at the drug store get in my bag? I don't know. So I call the bank...the branch she opened the account at is right down the street. I drop her stuff off at bank (such a good Samaritan) and get a grunt and quick thanks from the teller. As I'm walking out I hear Gary Numan's song "Cars" playing on the banks speaker system. This is one of my favorite songs. How often do you hear "Cars" blasting in a stodgy bank? How often do you ever even hear the song "Cars" played at all? What is going on here? Is this pre-banking karma? Does this even matter? I don't know. P.S. And the PT Cruiser won Motor Trends Car Of The Year Award! Go MOPAR!

Friday, January 5, 2001

Goth Box

I was in Tower Records this morning and I saw another compilation Cleopatra Records put out that I didn't know that I was on. That's a cool way to start the day! It's a 3 CD box set called This Is Goth. The song they picked, Memories & Discontent, was off the KILL SWITCH...KLICK- ALT. CD. I originally recorded Memories... back in 1985 with an early project of mine called ASIDE/BESIDE. It's a slow spoken word & synth piece with dark atmospheres. If yer interested click on and type This Is Goth in the little Search window. Also iREGULAR Records new WHO Tribute compilation called WHO CARES- A TRIBUTE TO THE WHO was featured on the King 5 (NBC) TV show Evening Magazine. The band P.S. Wilkinson (who is on the compilation) did a little closing spoof of a band being cut off by the credits. Before the ending though, they showed a nice 10 second shot of the CD and talked a bit about it as well. A very good day indeed!

Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Mac Addict

Man...I loaded up one of those MAC ADDICT demo discs and it destroyed my iMAC! I've been up & then down for three days. I finally had to erase my entire hard drive and start from scratch. I also lost all my e-mail addresses so if you e-mailed me and I didn't respond...that's why.

Monday, January 1, 2001

New Millennium

The new millennium is finally here. Set an appointment to go into Hanzsek Audio to master the new self titled d.A. Sebasstian for CD Jan. 29th. This one's scheduled for release March 27th. After it's mastered I still have to add the QuickTime Video for Brent Watanabe's short film "Example". I should be able to get this one out on time.