Sunday, December 29, 2002


Finished up three episodes of Go-Kustom TV this weekend. An editing marathon. Lindsay still has to come over and tag the segments, but other than that, January is almost done! Also finished the print outs and files for the DragStrip Riot CD. Gonna mail it off after the 1st.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Work Post-Xmas

Got called into work today- the hazards of working receiving in retail. I had requested the day off months ago and gotten it, but one of the sales gals called in sick, so they called me to cover. Still got some time in editing on the Go-Kustom TV Show. Also got some new videos by Add N to X and John Doe. BTW- Go-Kustom TV didn't air tonight. The video tape deck our show was in didn't get activated by the computer system at the SCAN (Seattle Cable Access Netork) Studios and so the show didn't run. Turned on the TV a little after 10 (show starts at 10PM Thursdays) and no show. I called them- but it was too late in our half hour slot to reboot the deck. First time thats happened to us. The show will air next week- might be a little wacky since the show has a "Merry Christmas" bit in it, but thats show biz...

Monday, December 23, 2002

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Girlfiends & She-Devils

Finished the Girlfiends & She-Devils: A Trbute To The Femme Fatale CD cover. 3rd time's a charm (though alot more friggin' work).

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Girlfiends & She-Devil Compilation Artwork

Almost done with the Girlfiends & She-Devil Compilation artwork. Also did some editing on the next episode of Go-Kustom TV. I've got one week grace until I have to come up with a show. Man these weekly deadlines are killing me. I have such great interviews waiting to be edited. I'm looking for interns to help with the work load through the Colleges around Seattle.

Monday, May 20, 2002

Girlfiends & She-Devils

Worked on the Girlfiends & She-Devils compilation cover art. I'm pretty happy with this basic but strong design. We are supposed to master the audio for it at the end of next month. Hopefully all the bands tracks will be sent in on time.

Sunday, May 19, 2002

Betty X

Betty X came by my studio today to work on some of her new tracks. We recorded her vocals for "She-Devil" & "Tiki" both for upcoming Go-Kustom compilations. Later I worked on my own tunes "Black Out" & "Can't Connect" for either Kill Switch...Klick or d.A. Sebasstian releases, I haven't decided which songs will go on which albums. Sometimes I just write songs with a rough idea of which project they are intended for and then they will end up on something entirely different. The self titled d.A. Sebasstian CD I put out last year had some tracks I had initially intended for Kill Switch...Klick records. The Kill Switch...Klick - Almost Ambient CD that came out this year on Invisible had a track from a d.A. Sebasstian album One Minute Endless. Gets kinda confusing sometimes.

Saturday, May 18, 2002

Go-Kustom TV - Roq La Rue

Go-Kustom TV headed over to the Roq La Rue in Seattle last night to check out the "Draw" opening. The theme of the show was drawings and featured exemplary work by Mark Ryden, Charles Burns, Jim Woodring, Glenn Barr, Rick Klu, Yumiko Kayukawa, Blair Wilson and many others. Lots o' people- lots o' fun. Look for the Roq La Rue piece in an upcoming episode of Go-Kustom TV.

Monday, May 13, 2002

Go-Kustom TV - Eerie Macabre

Go-Kustom TV went to the Sit & Spin in Seattle to check out the Super 8 Lounge show. It's a night of independent Super-8 film makers, sponsored by Emerald Reels. The highlight of the evening was the multi-media presentation of Eerie Macabre. Their sexy female vampire film with live music was excellent. After the show we did a quick interview with them. Look for the interview with Eerie Macabre in an upcoming episode of Go-Kustom TV.

Monday, May 6, 2002

Sidewinders Kiss II

Worked on Sidewinders Kiss (from the forthcoming Betty X album) this morning and afternoon. Added a groovy bass and heavy chugga chugga guitar line. Also dropped two VHS episodes of Go-Kustom TV (#3 & #4) off at Public Access Seattle. Klick for air dates. Tonight I'm mixing the Sciflyer rough tracks we did last month. Busy as a friggin' bee. Ohh yea- got another good review for the Kill Switch...Klick Almost Ambient CD.

Sunday, May 5, 2002

Sidewinders Kiss

Worked all day on a new song I'm writing the music for called Sidewinders Kiss. Its for Betty X's new record. Her words and my music. So far it's got a dark twangy ambience and Mike Ditmore's drums (see below) definitely beef up the bottom end. I really like this tune - just hope I don't burn out on it before it's finished. That happens sometimes, you work on a song so much, that by the time the song is released, you can't stand it anymore. I don't see how the Rolling Stones did it, playing Paint It Black for almost 30 years.

Saturday, May 4, 2002

Mike AKA Drummer

Mike Ditmore came over to do some drumming for Betty X's new record. A very good session. We got alot done in 4 hours.

Thursday, May 2, 2002

Post May Day

Relaxed. I needed a night off. Man I love our living room. Big picture window with bad weather outside and a big fire in the that's cozy.

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Monday, April 29, 2002

Girlfiends & She-Devils

Hooked up with Justin DuPre (Photographer) and Betty X to do some cover shots for the compilation we're putting out on Go-Kustom called - Girlfiends & She-Devils: A Tribute To The Feme Fatale later this year. Betty is a natural in front of the camera.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

Drum Loops & Such

Still working on the interviews. Also laid down a few quick drum parts on my son's mini-drum kit. These parts are to be used as basic drum loops for the Betty X album. I'm just banging on the kick and snare drum with sticks- no cymbals, to get a more realistic drum performance under the drum machine sections. I did a similar thing with Irish & Indian frame drums on my song Monster Monster. If it's done right it can be very effective. KsK drummer Mike Ditmore, is supposed to come over next week to do a similar drum loop recording, but more rhythmically involved. If you record the drums in sections, and then loop them in a sampler or computer program, you get a very structured, modern sound, that enables new arrangements of the song to be made very easily.

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Go-Kustom TV Editing

Working on editing the Texylvania and Sabrina RockArena interviews for Go-Kustom TV. My wife and kids are in Port Townsend, WA. for the weekend. My wife's band, OmBili, is playing a show there. I wanted to go but opted to stay home and get some TV Show work done.

Friday, April 26, 2002

Betty X and Texylvania.

We did an interview with the band Texylvania last night. Was alot of fun. If you get a chance go and see these guys live, do it. They put on a wild show. Look for the interview in an upcoming episode of Go-Kustom TV.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002


Added some Vibraphones and Upright Bass samples to the Betty X track She-Devil. The song is taking on a David Lynchesque quality.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Betty X Album

Started laying out a few tunes for the upcoming Betty X album. I'm helping with song writing, recording as well as being co-producer. One of the songs, She-Devil will be featured on the Go-Kustom Rekords compilation CD called Girlfiends & She-Devils: A Tribute To The Femme Fatale. This one should be out Fall of 2002.

Friday, April 19, 2002

Betty X and Sabrina RockArena.

Went over to the effervescent Sabrina RockArena's pad yesterday to film Betty X's interview with her. Sabrina is best know for her bass and vocal stylings for Seattle's own COOKiE, a hard hitting 3 piece rock outfit with a reputed killer pyrotechnic show. Look for the interview on an upcoming Go-Kustom TV Episode.

Oh yea- I had a real vivid dream last night. Mildly disturbing. I was a 40ish black man traveling the deep south. It was during the mid to late sixties, although some peoples clothes and cars were more current- time composited like dreams can be. I had just gotten a job at a diner and was working as a bus boy to make enough money to buy a bus ticket out of what ever town it was I was staying in. It was obviously not my home. The dream was very real and I remember as I was busing the tables, I could feel the white diners patrons staring at me, watching me suspiciously, as though I was a stray dog that had wandered into the diner unwelcomed. I worked hard and tried not to look up or around, not out of fear, but to avoid any problems with the white folks and their meals. I was almost done for the day and went over to dump some plates by the kitchen when I looked up and saw this burly redneck guy starring at me. He had on a flannel shirt and smelled like cheap bear and sweat. He grinned a sinister grin, and I could feel the hatred in him, directed squarely at me because I was black. I looked away so as not start a fight. Then he went over to the door where two of his buddies were waiting and they began talking overtly loud about there hadn't been a lynching around here for quite along time. One of them laughed and said, "That's 'cause we hung the last few niggers left around here." I could see all three of them starring at me out of the corner of my eye. A few of the other patrons chuckled. I moved back into the kitchen, pretending to get the broom, and then the three men walked out. I woke up thinking how fucked up it must have been to be black in the south back then or even in certain towns now. I really wonder why people have so much hatred for people that are different from themselves. In real life- when I was 12 years old I went with my Mom's boyfriend to a BBQ rib joint on the west side of San Bernardino, California to pickup some dinner. The west side was the older run down part of town, San Bernardino's Barrios. My Mom's boyfriend was handicapped and in a wheelchair so he stayed out in his specially equipped van while I went in to buy the ribs. Everyone in the rib joint was black, and as a 12 year old middle class white kid, I felt a little out of place, but not uncomfortable. The old man behind the counter was nice and chatty, swatting at the flies as he bagged up our dinner of hot ribs and cornbread. Remembering this, the feeling was exactly the opposite of the feeling I had in my dream last night. White kid in a black mans rib joint vs. middle aged blackman in a white owned diner...I know the dream was only a dream, but it left a serious impression on me.

Monday, April 15, 2002

Taxday :(

"Well I'm the Taxman...yea the Taxmaaaan" (my favorite Beatle tune by my favorite Beatle). I heard it on a Tax Preparation TV commercial last week. Sadly- I must say. So today it's Taxday. On a more positive note, Becky Thatcher came by yesterday and did some extremely jazzy vocals for the Flathand 5 song "Middle Man." All the basic tracking is finished for the original recordings. She also did vocals with my wife for their band OmBili Troupe three new songs- "Freedom", "Cocumba" & "Can't Stop It." Two of these recordings will make their way onto the Flathand 5 disc as well. I'm happy that this disc is almost done. It's quite a bit different from what I'm know for (gothikindustrialpunktronika), which is a good thing. I get tired of people pigeon holing me. How the fuck could anybody, except me, know all the various musical interests I have. It's like you get known for one thing, the whole damn time your visualizing doing some other kinda thing. It's like when people I just meet that know I'm a musician ask, "What instrument do you play?" It's like, "What color is the Ocean?" Which one? Are you on a boat or on the shore? High in a plane looking over the ocean? I sometimes say, "What ever is necessary." They always go, "What? - No what in-stru-ment do you play?" I repeat, "What ever is necessary." AT this point they figure I'm an evasive asshole (which is sometimes true of all of us). Then I will explain, " I started on the Trombone in grade school, later I played Electric and Upright Bass in High School & Jr. College. After that I picked up the Guitar, Keyboards and learned how to program early Music Computers and Synthesisers. Recently I learned a bit of Percussion and Slide Guitar. Now I play whatever is necessary."

Monday, April 8, 2002

Go-Kustom TV

I took the day off from my day job today (Mental Heath Day). Also finished up Episode Two of Go-Kustom TV. This show features videos by Red Team Go and Things Outside The Skin, some live footage of Betty Rage at The Junkyard in Las Vegas and short films by Brent Watanabe and Robert Judd. I'm gonna schedule Episode Two for 2-3 weeks from now. Eventually I want Go-Kustom TV to air every 2 weeks, but the lottery for a season time slot isn't until September. As it is I have to take what time slots are available and run the shows as OTO (One Time Only). This is a minor difficulty. I think Public Access is a great thing. It enables any Joe-Shmoe to put out a show (hey that rhymes). Yesterday afternoon Betty X came over to the studio to record her vocals for "Can You Hear Me" for the upcoming Flathand 5 percussion concept compilation. We actually wrote the lyrics together in a half hour before she did her vocal takes. She is easy to work with. We also began tracking a few basic songs for her new album that will be coming out on Go-Kustom early next year. It's gonna be a twangy, industrial, bluesy soundtrack inspired extravaganza. We also discussed Go-Kustom strategy for upcoming compilations and promotions. She has some great ideas and is a welcomed addition to the Go-Kustom label.

Saturday, April 6, 2002

OmBili Troupe

Last night we recorded three new basic tracks for my wife's band OmBili Troupe. They breezed right through the session nailing all the basics in just a few hours. They have progressed immensely from the last time I recorded them and their new line-up is very professional. Two of these tracks will end up on the Flathand 5 compilation. They also just got word last week that they have a slot in Northwest Folklife, one of the biggest showcases for folk and world music bands in the western United State. I'm more than a little proud of how far they've come so quickly.

Tuesday, April 2, 2002


Sciflyer came over last night to record some tracks for their new album. They are on a mini-tour that started in their home port of San Francisco. We went 'til around midnight. I also interviewed them for Go-Kustom TV. We got the basics done for seven songs. Today I also dropped the program tape off for Go-Kustom TV at the Seattle Public Access studios. Its air date is Tuesday, April 9th at 9:30 PM, Channel 77 (in Seattle).

Monday, April 1, 2002

Go-Kustom TV

Finished Episode One of Go-Kustom TV. It looks pretty damn good for a first editing effort. It includes a documentary about the Clang Quartet, a short film by Brent Watanabe called Example that I star in and did music for. Also videos by Red To Violet, Swedish Whistler and The Inspectors. I also talked to Stephanie Hodovance of The Penningtones about helping with Go-Kustom expansion. She says she's in. I really want this label to grow and I can't do it on my own.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Betty X

Betty X came over to the studio to do her vocals for the Flathand 5 track "Followed To Crash. " She did some sweet spoken word beat poet verses with more bluesy styled choruses. Only two more tracks to do vocals for and this bad boy (Flathand 5 CD) is in the pocket. Betty also said she'd help with Go-Kustom A&R and Promotions making her the first official Go-Kustom Promo person (other than myself).

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Mac G4

The old G4 computer crashed tonight. I spent the last 3 hours fixing it. Apple Disk Aid finally did the trick, along with reinstalling the OS. Working on some lyrics for a song called "Middle Man" that Becky Thatcher is singing for the upcoming Flathand 5 CD.

Monday, March 25, 2002

Jimmy Buffet

All you can eat buffet...ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET! There is something special about the All You Can Eat Buffet for us Middle Class Americans. I saw Tom Cruise on Barbara Walters last night after the Oscars. You would never see Tom in the All You Can Eat Buffet. Unless of course it was the Cannes Film Festival All You Can Eat Buffet. That would be like $200 (or 1,000,000 francs) a person. All the stars would be in line, "Hey Quinton -don't hog all the escargot..." We ate at the All You Can Eat Buffet tonight. Not the one at the Cannes Film Festival of course. I think my gut is busted. That and my eyes itch from allergies. I'm in bad shape. Pretty good food at the All You Can Eat Buffet though. All the old folks and big families were there. If you had a family with like 5 kids in it, you would frequent the All You Can Eat Buffet. It would become a way of life, like Zen Buddhism or something. "Yes my son, you may partake of the fried chicken but do not try the day old mashed potatoes." I gotta lay down.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002


First day of spring...and guess what? It's snowing! Again! In Seattle! In March! This doesn't seem warming.

Sunday, March 17, 2002

St. Patrick's Day

Ella & Deedee - studio cats

The kinda day that makes me wish I could still drink a brew or two. Ohh well being sober has it's not wrecking my car every couple o'months and not quitting my day job just to spend an extra hour at lunchtime in the pub. Finished up the Go-Kustom TV Show intro. A little tweaking left but the bulk is done. Several weeks for a minute and a half intro. Brother...also my cats turn 4 years old today. They are true studio cats...they like to hang out in my recording studio, since it's off limits to the dog. We used to have three almost identical Maine Coon kitties, named after famous female jazz singers. Only Ella Fitzgerald and Deedee Bridgewater remain. Nina Simone ran off. Figures.

Saturday, March 16, 2002

Orange Room Studio March 2002

More snow. This has to be the most individual snow storms for any one winter, since I first moved to Seattle back in 1989. Good weather to work on the computer. Still editing the Go-Kustom TV Show intro. I also started writing a cool little Old Skool Hip Hop (i.e. Sir Mix-A-Lot) drum & bassline with a working title of Muck. Might use it for Kompressor.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Kill Switch...Klick - Almost Ambient Review

The Kill Switch...Klick - Almost Ambient got a great review in the Sacramento News & Review. The Teen Feeding Frenzy! CD is # 3 on's Alternative Compilation Best Sellers list and it hasn't even come out yet! Got a letter from the I.R.S. yesterday. Seems they want us to pay another $4,000 for our 1999 taxes. Man - we just can't win! Called our accountant and he says he'll help us fight it. Talk about hit from all is a poor boy supposed to get anything creative done when all he does is file paperwork. Boohoo - poor me - blah blah blah.

Saturday, March 9, 2002

The Bassist

This is a painting that I finished a few weeks ago. It's called The Bassist. A little too much light reflection from the lighting and bronze metallic paints in this picture though. When I first finished it I didn't like it so much, but now it's grown on me. I really am looking forward to summer, so I can get my sculptures out of the attic and rebuild the ones that got damaged when we moved to this house. Oh yea- I've finally got the licenses ready for the Teen Feeding Frenzy! compilation. The official release isn't until March 27th. We're gonna set up a CD release party in May, when Bill Wolford gets back from white water rafting...some guys have all the fun.

Betty X

Did Betty X's intro shots for the Go-Kustom TV Show. Now I just have to finish editing and - viola! the first episode of Go-Kustom TV will be ready to air.

Have you ever thought, "Man, I was born in the wrong time period. I should have been born in ..." Well guess what- your a dumb ass. You are supposed to be born when and where you were born. Sound like over-simplified logic? Well guess what- I'm a dumb ass too.

Friday, March 8, 2002

Snow and Media

Snow, snow and more snow. I write letters to lawyers, Senator Maria Cantwell and the Consumers Union about the Sears incident. Man I need to make some music and stop thinking about the Sears induced crap. I was supposed to film Betty X's head shots for the Go-Kustom TV Show opening credits, but canceled because of the snow. KOMO News posted the story about my wife on their website. You know I'm thinking about all this and realize that were all just a bunch of fucking ants. This side and that side this anthill and that anthill. I guess it all depends on which fucking anthill you live in and work for that determines your outlook. It's like the Sears ants. They are just doing their little Sears ant job, managing their little Sears anthill. Me and my wife are in another little anthill. It's all territorial. Even the Sears corporate mouthpieces. In the Seattle Times piece, Ms. Drummond, just says what-ever her little ant bosses tell her to. Damage control...gotta save the anthill. Dumb analogy? Well I'm tired- it's be a long surrealistic week.

Thursday, March 7, 2002

Media Blitz!

Wayne Havrelly from KIRO News (Seattle CBS affiliate) calls and read the piece in the Seattle Times. He wants to interview my wife that day. My wife calls me at work and says they wanna come over in a half an hour. I take an early lunch. By the time I get home they have already interviewed her, they ask me to sit down and answer a few questions. They finish in about 20 minutes. I thank them and they head out to Sears to get some shots of the store where this all happened (read 02/27/02 below). The KIRO and KOMO news stories are airing tonight at 5PM. The Seattle Times article came out this morning. This truly is a media blitz!

Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Lights, Camera...

Connie comes over in the afternoon with her camera crew. She is a very sweet lady. they interview my wife and film the whole segment in about an hour. I'm home from my day job for lunch. Strange to see a famous nightly newscaster sitting in your living room. Later that afternoon the Seattle times calls. they want to send out a photographer that evening. Yeaa's a media blitz.

Monday, March 4, 2002

Bring In The Media!

KOMO News (Seattle ABC television affiliate) anchor woman, Connie Thompson, calls my wife and asks for an interview. That's what I'm talkin' about - I love this country! We set up an interview for Tuesday the 5th. I'm on a roll so I e-mail the Seattle Times again, with a shorter email instead of the original 4 page letter I sent everyone on Sunday night. I need to get some print media to back up the TV coverage.

Sunday, March 3, 2002

Sears WTF?

Still no response from Sears or Sears Corporate. I guess it's time to get the media involved. I send of e-mail to all the major Seattle media. Hope i get a bite.

Friday, March 1, 2002


It looks like Sears is gonna try sweeping this under the fucking rug. I guess they figure they can just ignore us and we'll go away. Well guess what- I'm not going any-fucking-place! They're gonna have to find out the hard way. I'm getting letters ready for all the Sears stores and Sears Corporate. If the Shoreline Sears store won't deal with their own dirty laundry- then I'll spread it all over town so the world can see their funky skid marked undies!

Thursday, February 28, 2002


Not surprisingly no one from Sears calls us back. I'm putting all my spare time into this Sears shite, so of coarse I can't work on any music or the Go-Kustom TV show.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Sears & Identity Theft

Man, what a night! Last night my wife went to Sears at 8PM, to buy me a last minute Birthday gift. I wanted some new jeans and work shirt. She went to pay the cashier and during the transaction the cashier started giving out my wife's personal information to someone the cashier said was "security" over the phone. My wife asked her what was going on, but the cashier said not to worry. Then the cashier asked for a second piece of ID. My wife complied and the cashier read her credit card numbers over the phone as well. My wife started getting worried, this didn't seem right. She asked to talk to a manager, but the cashier agitatedly said, there's no manager on duty, and she should just, "go home." My wife came home and told me what happened. I got worried and called Sears Security Department and the security gal gets all panicky and tells me, "this isn't normal at all, call your credit card company - call the police." So I do and it turns out someone tried to charge $147.00 to our card from some remote location! We've been scammed. I first think it's the cashier whose scammed us, call back security after calling the police. Security says they talked to the cashier, and they don't feel the cashier is in on it. The security lady says it's a scam where a person with a cell phone calls a cashier, posing as security and requests all the customers information to make sure they aren't gonna pass a bad check or whatever. The cashier reads the info to the scam artist and then the scam artist boogies to a computer and begins charging the card or whatever. This sucks. Today we call Sears management to complain about the cashier and ask if they're gonna do some kind of internal investigation about my wife's identity theft from the night before. Management tells us too bad so sad, it's not their problem. We ask for the Sears Corporate number and they refuse to give it to us. Unsatisfied with the result of lower Sears store management, my wife calls Sears Corporate and finally gets connected to the head manager of the Sears store where the cashier gave out her personal information (Shoreline). The manager says she'll look into it and call us tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Root Canal!

Got another root canal started today. This is number 4. Let that be a lesson to you kiddies...always remember to brush your teeth at least once in a while and lay off the sweets! Besides fun with dentistry, I've been blazing away at the Go-Kustom intro sequence for the Go-Kustom TV Show. Very hip, very retro, very time consuming. I really dig using Final Cut Pro 2 and doing video work in general. The program is similar in some ways to Cubase and other dedicated music programs I've used over the years, except instead of moving bits of sound around...your moving video. I plan on doing a whole season of Go-Kustom shows for public access, then I'm starting on the Kill Switch...Klick - Almost Ambient Video Collection Volume One, a companion to the CD of the same name. I'm also planning doing some videos for older KsK songs as well for which I have random footage and clips.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002


Dumping...always footage...into...the much footage...burning retinas...

Monday, February 18, 2002

Jennifer Hope

Still working on the television show intro. It's very tedious & time consuming. Also started laying out the footage of Jennifer Hope for the new Kill Switch...Klick video for Lost Like Innocence, off of the Almost Ambient Collection Volume One CD. Klick to see more stills.

Sunday, February 17, 2002

Kill Switch...Klick

Mike and Wes came by and we had our first Kill Switch...Klick rehearsal in 5 years! Man that's a long time. It sounded a bit loose but we'll get it tightened up before too long. Also sent off a CDR with Flathand 5 tracks on it for singer Ricardo Acevedo. He wants to use them on his new Anthology CD.

Friday, February 15, 2002

Go-Kustom TV Baby!

Been working on the television show. Dumping video and editing. I'm using Final Cut Pro 2 on my G4. I'm hoping to have the intro wrapped up by next week, and the first show ready to air next month. Go-Kustom TV baby!

Saturday, February 9, 2002

ADSR Musicwerks

We did an interview with Michael Wimer for Go-Kustom TV last night in his record store called Musicwerks. Michael also plays in an electronic band called Noxious Emotion and owns a label called ADSR Musicwerks. The footage turned out nice and clean. Good interview. Today I'm finishing writing lyrics for two Flathand 5 songs that I'm not going to sing. One is called Followed To Crash and will be sung by Betty X. The other is called Middle Man and will be sung by Becky Thatcher who also performs in my wife's percussion group, OmBili. With those two song finished I'll only have one more to do lyrics for and sing and then the Flathand 5 album will finally be finished. After almost three years of recording!

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Taxes & Shoe Bombs

Finished most of my taxes. I'm gonna be late on my State tax but got all my Federal taxes done. Been kinda anxious the last couple of days. Reminds me of how I was feeling right before 9-11. Might be nothing, but we are living in a different world. It feels mostly the same, but there is one little difference- YOU COULD BE KILLED BY A FUCKIN' TERRORIST WITH A BOMB IN HIS SHOE! Paranoid. We've all become a little bit more paranoid. Shoe bombs...what the fuck is that. I didn't see what kinda shoe bomb that wingnut on the plane was wearing on the news. Were they a loafer style shoe bomb, or were they sneakers- WITH FUSES HANGING OUT OF THE FRONT! "Excuse me sir, you must have stepped on some string because...OH MY GAWD YOU HAVE ON SHOE BOMBS!!!" Where do you buy shoe bombs? The shoe bomb store? "What size can I get for you today sir? With timed detonator or extra long fuse?" What if you stepped down too hard and accidentally blew off your foot. In the hospital you'd be saying, "Well you see doctor, I was walking to the plane, and I tripped on the escalator, and the next thing I knew I was lying on my back with my foot parts all over this young lady's suitcase." Man...

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Dawson's Creek

The Art Dept. of the TV show Dawson's Creek asked me for some Go-Kustom Rekords promo to use for their college radio station set for next season. I sent a box o' CD's, posters and T-Shirts. If they use any of it, that would be most excellent publicity for my burgeoning label.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Snow & Taxes

Snow and taxes, snow and taxes, blah blah blah, blah blah blah (sung to Frere Jacques).

Saturday, January 26, 2002


First real snow of the year here in Seattle. Not to heavy but kinda nice to get a little bit of the white stuff once in awhile. Doing my year end taxes so I didn't get a chance to finish the organ solo for the Go-Kustom TV Show theme song. Seems like all I do is taxes, taxes, taxes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Go-Kustom TV Show Theme Song

Finished writing the Go-Kustom TV Show theme song. It's a rockin' bit o' drums, guitar, B3 style organ and my kids yelling "Go-Kustom!" It's all done except for a solo or two. I have to get the first show ready by next month to make the lottery for a regular spot on Seattle Public Access station. I've also been writing new song sketches for the Kill Switch...Klick - Kompressor project. I pulled my accounts with Redeye Distribution, so now Go-Kustom CD's are only available through this website and I'm working on getting some European and Asian distribution. It's a tough break, but it wasn't working out with Redeye. I can't get into it as there may be some legal wrangling a goin' on.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Teen Feeding Frenzy! CD

Got the Teen Feeding Frenzy! CD's back from the pressing plant today. They look good and sound like they are supposed to. Life is good.

Friday, January 11, 2002

Kill Switch...Klick

Rearranged the studio from top to bottom the last two days. Now I have alot more room for drums or musicians. Mike Ditmore and Wes Griswold came over for a production meeting about the Kill Switch...Klick - Kompressor project. Busy as a bee I am.

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Strange Night

OK, so it's 10 O'clock in the PM and I'm driving a family members stool sample to the E.R. Lab at the Northwest Hospital. The "specimen" had to be delivered to the hospital, no more than 2 hours out of the oven (if you know what I mean). I'm talking to myself in the car saying, "The things ya gotta do for your family." I get to the E.R. desk and tell the gal, "I've gotta hot tamale here, where's the Lab." She smiles and points to the elevator. Upstairs at the Lab I answer some questions about the "specimen" and proceed to leave. The Lab Technician goes," Uh-uh-uhhh. There's no name on this fecal specimen." I come back and give him some more info and he puts a sticker on the container. He says, "Yep- it happens all the time." I say," So then your all sittin' around the lab going,'Well who's shit is this?'"We all laughed. Then I went home. Strange night. Oh yea- and my son lost his first baby tooth at school today. He was all proud. "Hey, look what's different with me," and all that. After he said it, of course he closes his mouth, so I was like, "You have dirt on your lip?" "No." "You have a bug in your eye?" "No- look at my teeth, I lost my tooth." Yesiree, a very eventful family type of day.

Saturday, January 5, 2002

Remotely Sad

Little planes falling out of the sky. I took the Christmas tree and decorations down today. It's all remotely sad.

Friday, January 4, 2002


Still fighting the flu-bug. Been loading sounds into my G4 from my old sound libraries. We're talking thousands and thousands of sounds. Tedious but necessary. Rented Moulin Rouge. Actually a great film. I was surprised. Sudden vertigo effects and clear winner of "best use of a Nirvana song in a freaky musical" award.

Tuesday, January 1, 2002

New Years Day

First day of 2002...let's see how this year goes. A damn sight better than last year...I hope.