Monday, April 8, 2002

Go-Kustom TV

I took the day off from my day job today (Mental Heath Day). Also finished up Episode Two of Go-Kustom TV. This show features videos by Red Team Go and Things Outside The Skin, some live footage of Betty Rage at The Junkyard in Las Vegas and short films by Brent Watanabe and Robert Judd. I'm gonna schedule Episode Two for 2-3 weeks from now. Eventually I want Go-Kustom TV to air every 2 weeks, but the lottery for a season time slot isn't until September. As it is I have to take what time slots are available and run the shows as OTO (One Time Only). This is a minor difficulty. I think Public Access is a great thing. It enables any Joe-Shmoe to put out a show (hey that rhymes). Yesterday afternoon Betty X came over to the studio to record her vocals for "Can You Hear Me" for the upcoming Flathand 5 percussion concept compilation. We actually wrote the lyrics together in a half hour before she did her vocal takes. She is easy to work with. We also began tracking a few basic songs for her new album that will be coming out on Go-Kustom early next year. It's gonna be a twangy, industrial, bluesy soundtrack inspired extravaganza. We also discussed Go-Kustom strategy for upcoming compilations and promotions. She has some great ideas and is a welcomed addition to the Go-Kustom label.

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