Tuesday, December 26, 2000


Uploading...uploading...uploading. I've uploaded shit loads of older material onto mp3.com. They have a really cool thing called D.A.M. CD where artists can upload material and then anyone can buy their mp3 files in CD form. They're kinda like a cross platform CDR and you get
mp3 files, audio tracks (playable on any CD player), info and pictures of the band on the CD. They sound damn good (no pun intended) on a regular CD player too! I went digging through all my old tapes and dida webpage and D.A.M. CD for XIJIX (my first punk band- this stuff is raw!), ASIDE/BESIDE (mid- 80's electronic project), d.A. SEBASSTIAN and KILL SWITCH...KLICK.
Go to mp3.com if'n yer interested.

Monday, December 18, 2000

The Flathand 5 CD

Finishing up the cover art for the new d.A. Sebasstian CD. Looks like it gonna be 8 songs and a Quicktime movie. Also heard back from Ricardo Acevedo that he finished tracking the vocals for The Flathand 5 CD. The whole idea behind The Flathand 5 disc is like a compilation/studio album hybrid, with many of the same percussionists performing over the whole album. My wives female percussion ensemble Om Bili is also contributing a few tracks. They're still rehearsing their material. The CD should be finished by end of next year. Only three years after we laid the basic percussion tracks

Monday, December 11, 2000

Wrappin' Christmas Presents

Wrappin' Christmas presents- ladeedaa. Tis th' season. Getting all the advertising in place for my new CD. Alot of graphic crunching. Also we did an instore Saturday the 9th for the WHO Tribute I just put out on iREGULAR. It was at Cellophane Square in Seattle and went over most excellently. Special thanks to Hugh Jones for putting it on and the bands Kim Virant, P.S. Wilkinson, Peter Parker and 4 Hr. Ramona for playing their asses off!

Thursday, December 7, 2000

Goth Oddity 2000

Just got the new Tribute To David Bowie that I did a track (Suffragette City) for...1 1/2 years ago! It's called Goth Oddity 2000 and just came out on Cleopatra Records. You can get a copy at Amazon.com.