Sunday, November 7, 2004

Hot Rod Girls Save The World

Great shoot last night! Everyone rocked the f'in house! The cat fight was awesome as well. Much appreciation to Melene and Heather for rolling around in the cold mud for an hour plus. Now its time to clean up the those cats can drink! Flavors of the evening PBR and Mike's Hard Lime. You can check out the stills from the shoot at 

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hot Rod Girls Save The World

Man...we had a great weekend (Saturday the 5th and Sunday the 6th) filming. Have been too busy to even post anything on these here news pages. We nailed 4 scenes and most of the ending. The weather was on again off again rain which didn't help, but given the circumstances, we kicked ass. Thanks to all the crew for their hard work!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2004

Hot Rod Girls Save The World

We had our first shoot for the Hot Rod Girls Save The World movie. Went very well. Almost didn't have a location as the place we were scheduled to film at fell through at the last minute. My wife went door to door in Ballard to find a little restaurant that allowed us to film for 4 hours.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Yoga DVD

Still working on the Yoga DVD. Man this turned out to be a big project. I had to cap the editing fees. I also did a bit of work on our old house. We decided to sell it. Sad, but necessary. It goes on the market in a few days. That house was more than a place to live, it was our home. It was small- only 1,100 sq. feet including the converted garage, but we fought so hard to qualify and get the loan...if we get the asking price we may break even. Being a home owner is a big deal. It's like this right of passage into a d bigger financial world. I think if we buy again it will be farther from the city. As cool as Seattle is- I really get tired of the traffic and sprawl. Maybe the Coast next time...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Children's Hospital

My day started off a bit nervous as my six year old daughter had a severe allergic reaction to some amoxicillian our family doctor gave her for her strep throat. My wife took her into Children's Hospital (the best hospital for kids in the US of A - yet another perk of living in Seattle). Once I heard back from her I settled down. Later in the day, the band Wages Of Sin came by to record their demo. We set the drums up in the kitchen, and the rest of the band in the living room. My house is small, but we were able, with a bit of blanket baffling, to get good track separation. We finished all the basic tracking. These guys have a unique sound with drums, upright bass, mandolin, violin, acoustic guitar and vocals. Kinda cajun - rockabilly, with acoustic instruments. I always like recording unique bands- much more fun than typical rock bands. 

Friday, January 9, 2004

ME Four Twelve

So I'm listening to NPR at my day job, and they say that the new Chrysler concept car stole the Detroit Auto Show. Being a diehard Chrysler fan, my interest was stirred. I went home that night, started digging around on the internet and found this (see above pics). The first Chrysler supercar- the ME Four-Twelve, a 248 MPH supercar that is going to be produced this summer! It will be the king of American supercars (Saleen who?). I guess Chrysler was so secretive about it, that only a hand full of designers knew about the project at all. Apparently the automotive world was completely shocked. Ya know- just last week everyone was talking about the new Ford GT as the first true American supercar...with it's accurate retro styling (like the old Shelby race cars of the same name). Man...this bad boy makes the new GT look very old indeed. The Ford and Chevy guys are probably kickin' the dog back at their design studios. Sayin'- "How the hell are we going to compete with that!" With 350 more horses than the GT, four turbo chargers (the Four in the name), a V12 (the Twelve in the name) built by the German uber-builders AMG and true state of the art technology it will set new standards for world supercars. I am misting up just typing this...

Thursday, January 8, 2004


Added a slew of Kill Switch...Klick, Flathand 5 and D.A. Sebasstian MP3 tracks at

Monday, January 5, 2004

Go-Kustom TV

Spent the rest of the weekend editing Go-Kustom TV shows. Finally got The Bad Things episode finished and started in on the Mors Syphilitica footage I shot over a year ago. I don't know how that tape didn't get edited yet. I have a few tapes that get set aside and lost in the shuffle. Well- it'll be ready next month. I bought a Panasonic AGDVX 100 yesterday and also started shopping for movie mics. I wanna get serious about my film making and video production. Had to take a line of credit on our house which, given the slow economic recovery in Washington State, is kinda scary. But ya know- I gotta go with my passion and hope for the best. Otherwise- whats the point of living?

Saturday, January 3, 2004


Cleaning old files off the website disc. Man- 6 hours worth of loading and eyes are blurry and tired...time to go to sleeeeeep.