Monday, April 24, 2000

Beneath The Trees

Eric Cooley came by my studio to begin sorting tracks for the new Faith & Disease album, Beneath The Trees to be be released by Projekt Records September 12th, 2000. I am going to be re-working the Kill Switch..Klick song Eventually that was originally released on the album deGenerate, as well as doing a little keyboard work for the CD. Eric & Dara Rossenwasser both performed on the original version of Eventually, and now the song will be appearing on the new Faith & Disease disc as a sister version. Isabella is completely mixed and I began working on Monster once again.

Saturday, April 22, 2000


Jeremy came over yesterday and overdubbed the snare and kick on Isabella. I cut and pasted his various takes together and it's sounding pretty good. I've gotta fix a few spots. It's a bit'o musical surgery. I read this article on Moby the other day that inspired me. He said he sometimes takes months to finish a song. I usually do now I don't feel like I'm excessively anal about
my music. It's difficult being the song writer, musician, producer & engineer all at the same time. You have a tendency to over get whelmed by a song. Is the kick too loud? Are the vocals getting buried on the chorus? You can nit pick it too death. But at the same time you have to be detailed enough so that the song sounds like a full production (unless you are going for an extremely lo-fi sound). That's why it can take a one man operation so long to complete an album. In the end good or bad at least I did it my way.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

Roland S-550 Sample

I've decided to have Jeremy Sever come back into the studio and go over the drums on Isebella.The snare and kick were getting buried in the middle of the song. That's what's so cool about samplers, I sampled the original drums sounds that Jeremy and Jeff Venturo got during the original sessions, loaded the sounds into my Roland S-550 Sampler and assigned the sounds to some drum pads and now Jeremy can come over and play over the old tracks with an exact audio copy of the original sound. You can't
tell the difference between what was the old tracks drums, and the new tracks drums. I love musical technology!

Monday, April 17, 2000

A Tragick Compilation

The new compilation featuring THE GINSBERG FILES (me and Eric Cooley from Faith & Disease is
out. It's called A Tragick Compilation.

Saturday, April 15, 2000


I also re-did the backing vocals for Isabella yesterday and am finally mixing that puppy down.

Saturday, April 8, 2000

The Ginsberg Files

An official release date has been set for the compilation that Eric (of Faith & Disease) and I recorded for as THE GINSBERG FILES. It's May 15th and the comp. is being put out by Tragick Records. I'll post more info as I get it. I've also been asked by Eric to do some synth and keyboard work on Faith & Disease's upcoming CD for Projekt Records. The recording is scheduled
for May.

Wednesday, April 5, 2000


Finishing the vocal tracks for new song called Isabella tonight. Another one done. I'm hoping to mix it tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000

Stomach Flu

Just got over the stomach flu. Man what a bitch that one was! Your stomach gets all tied up in knots and you get the runs something fierce (is that too much information?). So I got nothin' done. Thank God it only lasted a little more than 24 hours.

Saturday, April 1, 2000


Finished both the d.A. Sebasstian & The Flathead 5 recordings! April Fucking Fools! I've got along way to go to finish these bad boys. I did work on a new d.A. track called Monster. Laid down some mean trombone and guitar today and bounced some tracks into the sampler. This one is almost there. Two other songs are almost done as well. My hay fever is letting up so I can finish some vocals. Every year about this time I get allergies. Only had 'em for the last 5 years but they seem to be getting worse. It must be Alder or Cedar pollen, something native to Seattle. During the beginning of Spring each year, I can't sing for a month or so because my sinuses get so clogged. I tried this Allegra stuff. It worked intermittently.