Saturday, April 22, 2000


Jeremy came over yesterday and overdubbed the snare and kick on Isabella. I cut and pasted his various takes together and it's sounding pretty good. I've gotta fix a few spots. It's a bit'o musical surgery. I read this article on Moby the other day that inspired me. He said he sometimes takes months to finish a song. I usually do now I don't feel like I'm excessively anal about
my music. It's difficult being the song writer, musician, producer & engineer all at the same time. You have a tendency to over get whelmed by a song. Is the kick too loud? Are the vocals getting buried on the chorus? You can nit pick it too death. But at the same time you have to be detailed enough so that the song sounds like a full production (unless you are going for an extremely lo-fi sound). That's why it can take a one man operation so long to complete an album. In the end good or bad at least I did it my way.

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