Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve at EMP/SFM

Galactica Model Detail
The family and I spent the afternoon at Experience Music Project/ Science Fiction Museum. Being huge Battlestar Galactica fans- we wanted to see the new exhibit. It was very cool with full size Vipers and Cylon Raiders as well as costumes, multimedia clips and props from both versions of the TV Show. We had already spent a full day a few months ago in the EMP/SFM so after the BSG exhibit we watched some Jimi Hendrix films in the theater and then headed over to Third Place Books for a late Espresso. Now we're ready for 2011.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tron 3D

Took the family to see Tron both in 3D and on the IMAX screen. Very impressive. The films plot was much better than I had anticipated (considering it was a sequel released 28 years after the original). The last 3D film I saw was Captain EO at Disneyland in nineteen eighty something. I was drunk and tweeking on speed- so the memory is vague at best, but was not very impressive. Especially Michael Jackson's acting. The new 3D technology IS very impressive and ads a real reason to see a film in this format and on a big screen (and pay the extra price), as opposed to renting the VOD or DVD (although that is starting to build some momentum). I don't think 3D is for all films, it makes sense for Tron and Avatar. The light cycle sequences were jaw dropping in Tron. 3D action really pulls you in. However- seeing a romance film, stodgy documentary or action-less drama in 3D would be pointless. Still only the market will tell if the new technology will flourish in the coming decades or fade away like it did in the 1950's. Now if you could just get 3D contact lenses...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! No SIFF...STIFF

As I was completing the application for the Seattle International Film Festival, I noticed that one of their rules is that they want your Seattle Premiere at SIFF (if they select you). Since I had already scheduled our Seattle Premiere for Rat Rod Rockers! at the iconic King Cat Theater for March 26th, and really don't want to cancel that just to possibly be included in SIFF, I tore up the application. Then I remember STIFF's (Seattle True Independent Film Festival) deadline was also approaching, so I just relabeled the envelope and sent it off to them. STIFF is a much cooler event and not as hi-brow artsy fartsy as SIFF- which has become a monolithic institution around here.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SIFF and Rat Rod Rockers! Detailing

Started getting my Seattle International Film Festival application ready. The deadline is next week. I am on the fence about submitting this year, especially with the potential for four-wall events for this film. The Historic Everett Theater Premiere last November, was a total success and I don't know if SIFF has the ability or desire to market a Hot Rod Film in their Festival. We may also be down the coast or in L.A. promoting Rat Rod Rockers! during SIFF. Still it is free to submit if you filmed 50% or more in Washington State. The other things is, when you have over 400 people show up to your Premiere (in Everett no less)  and then get a 100 seat room at SIFF- what's the point? Will keep you posted how this turns out.

On Rat Rod Rockers! I am turning blood splatters red (we used chocolate in some scenes thinking it was gonna be B&W when finished) and reframing to export the film as a 16:9 widescreen DVD. Since I shot 24P letterbox (not true anamorphic 16:9) I will loose some resolution on widescreen TVs, but it should still look decent for a B-Movie. Honestly I prefer the look of 16mm to High Definition anyway, and my films have that look. I like grain and grit. Having said that, I am serious looking at a HD Camera by Panasonic (AG-HPX170 listing at $4895.00) for my next projects. I can always add the grain, and it would be nice to have options (also keeping the AG-DVX100).

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Next Film Evil Undead Girlfiend

Started planning Character Development photo shoots with various models and photographers for my next film Evil Undead Girlfiend. The idea behind having models portray characters in the film is to create templates of the characters for the pre-production phase of the new film. Some of the models I am talking too may star in the new film, but no decisions have been made yet. The tone of EUG is more Horror Punk or Gothic than my previous two films- but also takes place in the same strange little town called Anywhere, Washington. I have started writing the script and so far (IMHO) it is very cool. The premise is loosely based on my song/music video Evil Undead Girlfiend which was actually a screen test project for my first film Hot Rod Girls Save The World. What sparked the idea to develop this story was actually a  typo by The Everett Herald Newspaper, who when mentioning the premiere of Rat Rod Rockers! said something like, "D.A. Sebasstian's previous films include Hot Rod Girls Save The World and Evil Undead Girlfiend." I thought- hell yeah I should make that music video into a feature film. So here we go!

Rat Rod Rockers! Foley Work

So I am playing in dirt in our apartment, in the name of improving the audio tracks of my new film Rat Rod Rockers! Went to the actual site that a certain scene of the film was shot and collected a gravel / dirt mixture to use for audio replacement of the scene. In the original audio you can hear several cars driving by, so I cut the audio around the passing cars, but made large audio gaps in the scene by doing so. To fix this I replace the background sounds with a recording of an ambient woods setting and then the individual footsteps and other gravel walking sounds by placing a mic over the box of dirt / gravel I collected and moving the shoe with my hand to imitate the actors foot steps. This works very well and with a little practice and editing no one is the wiser.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! DVD Authoring

Finished authoring the Special Features sections of the Rat Rod Rockers! DVD and burned tester. Looks good. Filled 4.1 Gig of the DVD-R disc. Left .2 Gig to play around with the video quality on the next export of the film. All that's left now is to fine tune the movie audio and a few cuts, re-export and burn a master disc.  May be ready to ship to the printers by first week of January.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Special Features

Did some more Character Stills for the Special Features section of the upcoming Rat Rod Rockers! DVD. Also added gang (excuse me- car club) affiliation logos in the corners of the pics.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Behind The Scenes Pics By Steve Puvogel

Working on the Special Features Sections of the Rat Rod Rockers! DVD. Steve Puvogel (who also plays Officer Dumdown in Rat Rod Rockers!) took some awesome pictures during the filming of RRR! and I finally got to see a full discs worth today. Excellent stuff! Going to put them together as a Behind The Scenes Slideshow for the DVD.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Journal Newspaper Article About Rat Rod Rockers! Premiere

Rat Rod Rockers! Gang Territories

Did a Special Features map for the upcoming Rat Rod Rockers! DVD that shows all the gang territories of my little fictitious town- Anywhere, Washington. The two gangs mention in Rat Rod Rockers! are The Mad Kats and The Defiers. I am going to write The Siphons into my next Anywhere Archives story Evil Undead Girlfiend.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rat Rod Rockers! Special Features

Besides doing some serious number crunching for my wife's arts school the last few days, I have started in on the Special Features Character pages for the Rat Rod Rockers! DVD. These are full screen shots of the actors from the film with the actors real name and character name under the still. I may have these as a manual single frame forward or a slide show. The disc is almost maxed with what few Special Features I could fit on there. Not so much info can be placed on a DVD-5 disc. I may do a Blu-Ray version of Rat Rod Rockers! later next year as well.

Friday, December 3, 2010

National Ads for Rat Rod Rockers!

Just finished the first batch of ads for a little national campaign we are doing for Rat Rod Rockers! Seattle Premiere and DVD Release Party. I am a busy man. I also had an epiphany yesterday as to what my next film project is going to be. I was kicking around four different ideas and then I "felt" the one I really want to do next. More to come.