Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Packing Up the Studio

Packing up the studio gear to move...I won't get much done musically for the next few days. Going to Mel's studio tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Key To the House

Got the key for our new house today. took two years of looking and saving and cleaning up my credit to get this place. It's kinda small but at least it ours. Buying property in Seattle is rough. The prices just keep going up, it's because we have a real economy around here. Alot of new money, that drives real estate up and up. Houses that would sell in other areas for $120,000 go for close to $300,000 here in Seattle. It's getting outa control.

Monday, June 19, 2000

Mell Dettmer

Did a few more mixes of Monster. Booked time with Mel Dettmer (my mastering engineer and second set of ears) in her studio, to put together a CDR of my old 8-track Kill Switch...Klick track extracts. That way I can throw together a few DAT's for the
remixers of the Best Of Kill Switch...Klick CD. Using the CDR and bits out of my sampler, I can make DAT's that they in turn use to build the remix. Having those old tracks on CDR is a good way to archive them as well for future use, especially since my 8-track just died.

Sunday, June 18, 2000

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Sunday, June 11, 2000

Legal Bullshit

Still with all the legal bullshit I got the vocals for Monster finished this weekend. I should have it mixed out in a few days.

Saturday, June 10, 2000

The Plot Thickens

Well the plot thickens...the boys in Flare have changed their websites, removing the bad information about publishing, etc. I sent them what's called a Terms Of Use statement, that says they have to meet certain demands to keep me from suing them.
The band is getting spicy about it...which I can not understand. If I made the kind of "mistake" (that's their word- I call it plagiarism) they made, I would not argue about compensation. Well they have one week to accept terms or I sick the dog on them.
I gotta big bad dog too!

Thursday, June 8, 2000

Celebrate The Misery

Man, the last two days I haven't been able to work on any music 'cause I might have to sue this band called Flare. I had heard they covered my song Celebrate The Misery in 7" form and I even bought a copy of the damn thing from their record label. Upon close
inspection I noticed they had listed their own publishing company instead of mine and on their website they didn't even list me as the songwriter! They also changed some of the lyrics (a big no-no without the writers permission). I've got an appointment with my lawyer next Tuesday. In the meantime I sent them some interesting legal (as per my lawyers request) correspondence and some very nasty correspondence (as per my own request). Well at least my lawyer said we could make some money on the thing...but that's hardly the point. It's just a hassle all around

Sunday, June 4, 2000

Who Cares

Spent all day yesterday fucking with my old 8-track, trying to extract old Kill Switch...Klick tracks from old Kill Switch...Klick songs for the remixers.I'm gonna work on Monster some more today. I'm also working on the cover layout for theWHO TRIBUTE CD I'm putting out this year. The cover art is by Henry Boy and looks pretty damn cool...huh.

Saturday, June 3, 2000

Best Of Kill Switch...Klick CD A Go!

Cleopatra Records gave a green light to releasing a Best Of Kill Switch...Klick CD. They want a couple of remixes of Kill Switch...Klick songs to be done by other artists on the CD to give it previously unreleased songs. I think that's a good idea as some people might not be interested in the CD if they already have some of the songs. I'm trying to get my old 8-track
reel ro reel machine working so I can dump out the vocals onto DAT for the remixers. I used that 8-track for all the vocals and acoustic instruments synced up to my computer for 5 albums (all the way through the ALT. CD). The rewind belt & spindle on the tape deck keep falling off (it's an old machine). Each time I rewind the tape, I have to take it apart and put the belt and
spindle back on. What a pain in the ass! I'll be finishing up Monster this weekend (finally!). Eric Cooley from Faith & Disease said someone (can't say who yet- don't wanna jinx the deal) might be interested in putting out a full length Ginsberg Files CD.