Saturday, June 3, 2000

Best Of Kill Switch...Klick CD A Go!

Cleopatra Records gave a green light to releasing a Best Of Kill Switch...Klick CD. They want a couple of remixes of Kill Switch...Klick songs to be done by other artists on the CD to give it previously unreleased songs. I think that's a good idea as some people might not be interested in the CD if they already have some of the songs. I'm trying to get my old 8-track
reel ro reel machine working so I can dump out the vocals onto DAT for the remixers. I used that 8-track for all the vocals and acoustic instruments synced up to my computer for 5 albums (all the way through the ALT. CD). The rewind belt & spindle on the tape deck keep falling off (it's an old machine). Each time I rewind the tape, I have to take it apart and put the belt and
spindle back on. What a pain in the ass! I'll be finishing up Monster this weekend (finally!). Eric Cooley from Faith & Disease said someone (can't say who yet- don't wanna jinx the deal) might be interested in putting out a full length Ginsberg Files CD.

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