Friday, March 27, 2009

Go-Kustom TV Interviews Old School Pin-Up Photography

Go-Kustom TV went over to Old School Pin-Up Photography to interview Lance Wagner (photographer extraordinaire) and Trixie Lane (Stylist and Burlesque Vixen). Lance and Trixie have a great thing going and it was cool being able to finally interview them for GK TV.

Hot Rod Girls Save The World Gets 3.5 Stars From Film Threat!

Film Threat Magazine just posted a review of our first indie-film Hot Rod Girls Save The World with a 3.5 (Great) star rating! Also a secondary "Fantastic" rating. Not bad for a Kustom Kulture Hot Rod Flick! For the uninitiated, Film Threat is to indie-film what The New York Times Book Review is to novels.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Danielle Is Cast!

Well we finally picked an actress for the part of "Danielle" in our upcoming film Rat Rod Rockers. Drum roll please....and our choice is...Teri Aslett. This really was a difficult decision. All of the gals that came over to read Danielle were excellent. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and talent around the greater Seattle area. Next we will be casting "Harold."

Friday, March 20, 2009

Casting Danielle For Rat Rod Rockers Part Four

Had a screen test with the talented Amy Escobar yesterday for the Rat Rod Rockers part for Danielle. We will make a decision on who gets the part next week.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rat Rod Rockers Title Theme

I just finished up the title theme for our new feature film Rat Rod Rockers. The actual music is based on a punk song called What Red Humor that I wrote back in the early 1980s and performed with my hardcore band Xijix all around SoCal. I recycled it in the1990s changing the lyrics and and title to Joy Ride. It was released under a side project I had at the time called Kardboard. For this latest incarnation of the song I went with a jangly Telecaster tone for the basic guitar tracks, then added a heavily compressed and over driven pair of stereo guitar tracks and finally a bluesy center track. Gives a big, full guitar sound. For the bass I played my little Bronco Bass with all the high end cut for that old school punk vibe. The drums were pieced together from one of my Betamonkey Loop Librarys. Love those guys drums. Also I finally completed the Reverend Horton Heat interview I did for CK Deluxe. I got behind on my writing due to my intestine problems late last month. I have a few articles in que for upcoming issues. I dig writing.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Casting Danielle For Rat Rod Rockers Part Three

Another actress came over to read the part of Danielle from Rat Rod Rockers this afternoon. Another excellent performance. We have several more screen tests and then have to make a decision on who gets the part.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Screen Testing Russian Mob Boss- Ivan

Sunday, Kerry Murphy came over to the studio for a screen test of Rat Rod Rockers Russian Mob Boss- Ivan. Like Hot Rod Heidi, he had already been selected for the part, so this was more for my own character reference and script writing than a try out. His Russian accent was almost perfect and he really conveys what I had in mind for Ivan. I also finished the audio sketch of the Rat Rod Rockers title theme. It's a hardcore punk ditty that clocks in at 200 BPM. I need it for the Rat Rod Rockers trailer we are putting together.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Casting Danielle For Rat Rod Rockers Part Two

Yesterday we had another reading for the part of Danielle from Rat Rod Rockers. Yet another excellent performance. This is going to be a tough selection. We had one no show- very unprofessional. The part of Danielle is going to be physical. During the screen test I ask potential actresses to run around the room, read sections of script, fall down on a mat and punch my hand. Sounds strange- but it gives me an idea of what the actress looks like in motion.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Go-Kustom Gorilla Drive-In & HRGSTW Mentioned In Rebel Rodz

Well I made the plunge and using initial proceeds from Hot Rod Girls Save The World- purchased a 2500 lumen DVD projector, 20x10 outdoor screen (with frame) and 1/4 mile FM Transmitter. Find a big parking lot with power source and viola- instant Drive-In. I want to tour HRGSTW across the U.S., showing it for free, hopefully selling a few DVDs on the way. We will Beta Test the Go-Kustom Gorilla Drive-In in a few weeks. I also have a 900 watt PA to set up in backyards and parks. I am cutting some of the language and the one brief nudity scene to make HRGSTW more family friendly. When you show your film in open settings you never know who's watching and you want to limit the complaints. PG13 baby! Also national magazine Rebel Rodz had a little blurb about Hot Rod Girls Save The World. Not a review but rather a product announcement. Still they printed the cover art and took up half a page to do it. It's all good.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Casting Danielle For Rat Rod Rockers Part One

Wednesday & Thursday I held the first screen tests for the Rat Rod Rockers lead character Danielle. I was pleasantly surprised by the first two actresses. This is going to be a tough decision. We still have several more gals that will read next week.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yesterday Hot Rod Heidi who is playing Ruby, in our new feature film Rat Rod Rockers, came over to do a bit of screen testing. Since I have only written the synopsis and select scenes to date, working with the actors gives me dialog direction for the character as I am writing their scenes. I also like working with my actors for character development detail. I feel that if an actor puts a bit of themselves into the character, the portrayal is much more realistic, it has to be. Almost like kustom fitting the scene to the actor. We are casting Ruby's daughter in the next few weeks. Their relationship is key to this films success

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2008 Seattle Roadster Show

Posted the First & Second Halves of The 2008 Seattle Roadster Show segments up on You Tube- I divided into two parts because the whole clip is over 10 minutes long and 10 minute is the You Tube clip limit.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Return Of Go-Kustom TV

Putting the finishing editing touches on the 2008 Seattle Roadster Show segment we did last year for Go-Kustom TV. Great interviews with Candy Clark (Debbie from American Graffiti), Lance Lambert of The Vintage Vehicle Show and various Hot Rod owners- including Ron and Ken Foreman from the Rat Bastards Car Club. The segment will be up on You Tube sometime next week as well as the next Best Of Go-Kustom DVD series.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hot Rod Girls Save The World - World Premiere Tonight!

Tonight is the world premiere of Hot Rod Girls Save The World on the big screen! We are set for a midnight showing at the acclaimed Seventh Annual Backseat Film Festival in Philly, PA.. We have had several low profile private screenings of the film, but this is the first public event. I wish I could be there...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Invisible Surfers CD On Temp. Hold

The new Invisible Surfers CD entitled Till That Day is on temporary hold while we rework the submasters. Seems guitarist Alex found a little skip that missed our mastering editors ears. The little skip is not in the master files, but ended up on one of the submaster burn copies, that went to the pressing plant. This pushes the official release back until April 2009. A lot of scrambling on the part of the pressing plant and digital distribution company to recall the tracks before they hit iTunes with the skip. It was only on one track, but we want this to be a perfect debut, by an outstanding band.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hot Rod Girls Save The World in Philly Friday March 6th!

If your near Philly, PA and want to see Hot Rod Girls Save The World on the big screen (the best place to see this film), it will be playing a midnight showing this Friday, March 6th at the Backseat Film Festival. This info is at;jsessionid=EE87FB0E73F1838F1B3B4B6E700761DA
Also I am feeling better after my little bout last week with diverticulitis. Not fun. I'm about 85 percent right now.