Saturday, March 14, 2009

Go-Kustom Gorilla Drive-In & HRGSTW Mentioned In Rebel Rodz

Well I made the plunge and using initial proceeds from Hot Rod Girls Save The World- purchased a 2500 lumen DVD projector, 20x10 outdoor screen (with frame) and 1/4 mile FM Transmitter. Find a big parking lot with power source and viola- instant Drive-In. I want to tour HRGSTW across the U.S., showing it for free, hopefully selling a few DVDs on the way. We will Beta Test the Go-Kustom Gorilla Drive-In in a few weeks. I also have a 900 watt PA to set up in backyards and parks. I am cutting some of the language and the one brief nudity scene to make HRGSTW more family friendly. When you show your film in open settings you never know who's watching and you want to limit the complaints. PG13 baby! Also national magazine Rebel Rodz had a little blurb about Hot Rod Girls Save The World. Not a review but rather a product announcement. Still they printed the cover art and took up half a page to do it. It's all good.

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