Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rat Rod Rockers Title Theme

I just finished up the title theme for our new feature film Rat Rod Rockers. The actual music is based on a punk song called What Red Humor that I wrote back in the early 1980s and performed with my hardcore band Xijix all around SoCal. I recycled it in the1990s changing the lyrics and and title to Joy Ride. It was released under a side project I had at the time called Kardboard. For this latest incarnation of the song I went with a jangly Telecaster tone for the basic guitar tracks, then added a heavily compressed and over driven pair of stereo guitar tracks and finally a bluesy center track. Gives a big, full guitar sound. For the bass I played my little Bronco Bass with all the high end cut for that old school punk vibe. The drums were pieced together from one of my Betamonkey Loop Librarys. Love those guys drums. Also I finally completed the Reverend Horton Heat interview I did for CK Deluxe. I got behind on my writing due to my intestine problems late last month. I have a few articles in que for upcoming issues. I dig writing.

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