Monday, September 25, 2000

Best Of Kill Switch...Klick CD

Got some goodies in the mail yesterday. The remixes for the Best Of Kill Switch...Klick CD came and sound very I have to book time in the studio to remaster the rest of the CD. Also the new Faith & Disease- Beneath The Trees that I worked on earlier this year. It's very hypnotic and full sounding. You can buy a copy by clicking on PROJEKT. Adding lo-fi spoken word
to the electronic piece Manifestation today.

Monday, September 18, 2000


Sent out a shitload of demos for the new self titled d.A. Sebasstian CD. 3 new songs plus the Kill Switch...Klick track from the WHO CARES: A TRIBUTE TO THE WHO compilation (5:15). Still waiting for the remixes for the Best Of Kill Switch...Klick CD. I hope I get 'em soon, 'cause I wanna get this bad boy out there. Working on a new electronica piece called Manifestation.

Saturday, September 9, 2000


Worked on the catalog section of the website. I'm trying to get a better layout as I'm slowly expanding each section. I also finished the vocals for So Blue. It's sounding kind of Nick Cave meets Soul Coughing (if you can imagine that!). I'll mix it tomorrow and then move onto the next song. I hope this CD gets finished by early next year. I'm gonna post a song from it in MP3 format on after I get this new import device made by Tascam called a US-428.

Tuesday, September 5, 2000

So Blue

Finally finished the lyrics for So Blue a murder ballad set to upright bass (James Whiton) and slide guitars (me). The drumming and percussion were by Jeremy Sever, but because I sampled his parts and then re-assembled them (as well as the upright bass parts) the song has a cut and paste feel. It has a blues trip-hop vibe overall, and is one of the best songs (lyrically) I've ever written. I did a rough vocal tonight, just to set the tone and get a few ideas out. I also laid a permanent backing chorus track. This one should be done this weekend.I also sent out the WHO CARE'S: A TRIBUTE TO THE WHO artwork & CDR master to the pressing plant today. I should have the proofs back by next week and beat my street date of October 15th.