Tuesday, September 5, 2000

So Blue

Finally finished the lyrics for So Blue a murder ballad set to upright bass (James Whiton) and slide guitars (me). The drumming and percussion were by Jeremy Sever, but because I sampled his parts and then re-assembled them (as well as the upright bass parts) the song has a cut and paste feel. It has a blues trip-hop vibe overall, and is one of the best songs (lyrically) I've ever written. I did a rough vocal tonight, just to set the tone and get a few ideas out. I also laid a permanent backing chorus track. This one should be done this weekend.I also sent out the WHO CARE'S: A TRIBUTE TO THE WHO artwork & CDR master to the pressing plant today. I should have the proofs back by next week and beat my street date of October 15th.

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