Thursday, June 8, 2000

Celebrate The Misery

Man, the last two days I haven't been able to work on any music 'cause I might have to sue this band called Flare. I had heard they covered my song Celebrate The Misery in 7" form and I even bought a copy of the damn thing from their record label. Upon close
inspection I noticed they had listed their own publishing company instead of mine and on their website they didn't even list me as the songwriter! They also changed some of the lyrics (a big no-no without the writers permission). I've got an appointment with my lawyer next Tuesday. In the meantime I sent them some interesting legal (as per my lawyers request) correspondence and some very nasty correspondence (as per my own request). Well at least my lawyer said we could make some money on the thing...but that's hardly the point. It's just a hassle all around

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