Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Next Film Evil Undead Girlfiend

Started planning Character Development photo shoots with various models and photographers for my next film Evil Undead Girlfiend. The idea behind having models portray characters in the film is to create templates of the characters for the pre-production phase of the new film. Some of the models I am talking too may star in the new film, but no decisions have been made yet. The tone of EUG is more Horror Punk or Gothic than my previous two films- but also takes place in the same strange little town called Anywhere, Washington. I have started writing the script and so far (IMHO) it is very cool. The premise is loosely based on my song/music video Evil Undead Girlfiend which was actually a screen test project for my first film Hot Rod Girls Save The World. What sparked the idea to develop this story was actually a  typo by The Everett Herald Newspaper, who when mentioning the premiere of Rat Rod Rockers! said something like, "D.A. Sebasstian's previous films include Hot Rod Girls Save The World and Evil Undead Girlfiend." I thought- hell yeah I should make that music video into a feature film. So here we go!

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