Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SIFF and Rat Rod Rockers! Detailing

Started getting my Seattle International Film Festival application ready. The deadline is next week. I am on the fence about submitting this year, especially with the potential for four-wall events for this film. The Historic Everett Theater Premiere last November, was a total success and I don't know if SIFF has the ability or desire to market a Hot Rod Film in their Festival. We may also be down the coast or in L.A. promoting Rat Rod Rockers! during SIFF. Still it is free to submit if you filmed 50% or more in Washington State. The other things is, when you have over 400 people show up to your Premiere (in Everett no less)  and then get a 100 seat room at SIFF- what's the point? Will keep you posted how this turns out.

On Rat Rod Rockers! I am turning blood splatters red (we used chocolate in some scenes thinking it was gonna be B&W when finished) and reframing to export the film as a 16:9 widescreen DVD. Since I shot 24P letterbox (not true anamorphic 16:9) I will loose some resolution on widescreen TVs, but it should still look decent for a B-Movie. Honestly I prefer the look of 16mm to High Definition anyway, and my films have that look. I like grain and grit. Having said that, I am serious looking at a HD Camera by Panasonic (AG-HPX170 listing at $4895.00) for my next projects. I can always add the grain, and it would be nice to have options (also keeping the AG-DVX100).

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