Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tron 3D

Took the family to see Tron both in 3D and on the IMAX screen. Very impressive. The films plot was much better than I had anticipated (considering it was a sequel released 28 years after the original). The last 3D film I saw was Captain EO at Disneyland in nineteen eighty something. I was drunk and tweeking on speed- so the memory is vague at best, but was not very impressive. Especially Michael Jackson's acting. The new 3D technology IS very impressive and ads a real reason to see a film in this format and on a big screen (and pay the extra price), as opposed to renting the VOD or DVD (although that is starting to build some momentum). I don't think 3D is for all films, it makes sense for Tron and Avatar. The light cycle sequences were jaw dropping in Tron. 3D action really pulls you in. However- seeing a romance film, stodgy documentary or action-less drama in 3D would be pointless. Still only the market will tell if the new technology will flourish in the coming decades or fade away like it did in the 1950's. Now if you could just get 3D contact lenses...

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