Saturday, April 1, 2000


Finished both the d.A. Sebasstian & The Flathead 5 recordings! April Fucking Fools! I've got along way to go to finish these bad boys. I did work on a new d.A. track called Monster. Laid down some mean trombone and guitar today and bounced some tracks into the sampler. This one is almost there. Two other songs are almost done as well. My hay fever is letting up so I can finish some vocals. Every year about this time I get allergies. Only had 'em for the last 5 years but they seem to be getting worse. It must be Alder or Cedar pollen, something native to Seattle. During the beginning of Spring each year, I can't sing for a month or so because my sinuses get so clogged. I tried this Allegra stuff. It worked intermittently.

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