Sunday, January 11, 2004

Children's Hospital

My day started off a bit nervous as my six year old daughter had a severe allergic reaction to some amoxicillian our family doctor gave her for her strep throat. My wife took her into Children's Hospital (the best hospital for kids in the US of A - yet another perk of living in Seattle). Once I heard back from her I settled down. Later in the day, the band Wages Of Sin came by to record their demo. We set the drums up in the kitchen, and the rest of the band in the living room. My house is small, but we were able, with a bit of blanket baffling, to get good track separation. We finished all the basic tracking. These guys have a unique sound with drums, upright bass, mandolin, violin, acoustic guitar and vocals. Kinda cajun - rockabilly, with acoustic instruments. I always like recording unique bands- much more fun than typical rock bands. 

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