Tuesday, December 26, 2000


Uploading...uploading...uploading. I've uploaded shit loads of older material onto mp3.com. They have a really cool thing called D.A.M. CD where artists can upload material and then anyone can buy their mp3 files in CD form. They're kinda like a cross platform CDR and you get
mp3 files, audio tracks (playable on any CD player), info and pictures of the band on the CD. They sound damn good (no pun intended) on a regular CD player too! I went digging through all my old tapes and dida webpage and D.A.M. CD for XIJIX (my first punk band- this stuff is raw!), ASIDE/BESIDE (mid- 80's electronic project), d.A. SEBASSTIAN and KILL SWITCH...KLICK.
Go to mp3.com if'n yer interested.

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