Monday, April 15, 2002

Taxday :(

"Well I'm the Taxman...yea the Taxmaaaan" (my favorite Beatle tune by my favorite Beatle). I heard it on a Tax Preparation TV commercial last week. Sadly- I must say. So today it's Taxday. On a more positive note, Becky Thatcher came by yesterday and did some extremely jazzy vocals for the Flathand 5 song "Middle Man." All the basic tracking is finished for the original recordings. She also did vocals with my wife for their band OmBili Troupe three new songs- "Freedom", "Cocumba" & "Can't Stop It." Two of these recordings will make their way onto the Flathand 5 disc as well. I'm happy that this disc is almost done. It's quite a bit different from what I'm know for (gothikindustrialpunktronika), which is a good thing. I get tired of people pigeon holing me. How the fuck could anybody, except me, know all the various musical interests I have. It's like you get known for one thing, the whole damn time your visualizing doing some other kinda thing. It's like when people I just meet that know I'm a musician ask, "What instrument do you play?" It's like, "What color is the Ocean?" Which one? Are you on a boat or on the shore? High in a plane looking over the ocean? I sometimes say, "What ever is necessary." They always go, "What? - No what in-stru-ment do you play?" I repeat, "What ever is necessary." AT this point they figure I'm an evasive asshole (which is sometimes true of all of us). Then I will explain, " I started on the Trombone in grade school, later I played Electric and Upright Bass in High School & Jr. College. After that I picked up the Guitar, Keyboards and learned how to program early Music Computers and Synthesisers. Recently I learned a bit of Percussion and Slide Guitar. Now I play whatever is necessary."

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