Sunday, March 17, 2002

St. Patrick's Day

Ella & Deedee - studio cats

The kinda day that makes me wish I could still drink a brew or two. Ohh well being sober has it's not wrecking my car every couple o'months and not quitting my day job just to spend an extra hour at lunchtime in the pub. Finished up the Go-Kustom TV Show intro. A little tweaking left but the bulk is done. Several weeks for a minute and a half intro. Brother...also my cats turn 4 years old today. They are true studio cats...they like to hang out in my recording studio, since it's off limits to the dog. We used to have three almost identical Maine Coon kitties, named after famous female jazz singers. Only Ella Fitzgerald and Deedee Bridgewater remain. Nina Simone ran off. Figures.

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