Friday, March 8, 2002

Snow and Media

Snow, snow and more snow. I write letters to lawyers, Senator Maria Cantwell and the Consumers Union about the Sears incident. Man I need to make some music and stop thinking about the Sears induced crap. I was supposed to film Betty X's head shots for the Go-Kustom TV Show opening credits, but canceled because of the snow. KOMO News posted the story about my wife on their website. You know I'm thinking about all this and realize that were all just a bunch of fucking ants. This side and that side this anthill and that anthill. I guess it all depends on which fucking anthill you live in and work for that determines your outlook. It's like the Sears ants. They are just doing their little Sears ant job, managing their little Sears anthill. Me and my wife are in another little anthill. It's all territorial. Even the Sears corporate mouthpieces. In the Seattle Times piece, Ms. Drummond, just says what-ever her little ant bosses tell her to. Damage control...gotta save the anthill. Dumb analogy? Well I'm tired- it's be a long surrealistic week.

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