Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Go-Kustom TV Show Theme Song

Finished writing the Go-Kustom TV Show theme song. It's a rockin' bit o' drums, guitar, B3 style organ and my kids yelling "Go-Kustom!" It's all done except for a solo or two. I have to get the first show ready by next month to make the lottery for a regular spot on Seattle Public Access station. I've also been writing new song sketches for the Kill Switch...Klick - Kompressor project. I pulled my accounts with Redeye Distribution, so now Go-Kustom CD's are only available through this website and I'm working on getting some European and Asian distribution. It's a tough break, but it wasn't working out with Redeye. I can't get into it as there may be some legal wrangling a goin' on.

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