Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Strange Night

OK, so it's 10 O'clock in the PM and I'm driving a family members stool sample to the E.R. Lab at the Northwest Hospital. The "specimen" had to be delivered to the hospital, no more than 2 hours out of the oven (if you know what I mean). I'm talking to myself in the car saying, "The things ya gotta do for your family." I get to the E.R. desk and tell the gal, "I've gotta hot tamale here, where's the Lab." She smiles and points to the elevator. Upstairs at the Lab I answer some questions about the "specimen" and proceed to leave. The Lab Technician goes," Uh-uh-uhhh. There's no name on this fecal specimen." I come back and give him some more info and he puts a sticker on the container. He says, "Yep- it happens all the time." I say," So then your all sittin' around the lab going,'Well who's shit is this?'"We all laughed. Then I went home. Strange night. Oh yea- and my son lost his first baby tooth at school today. He was all proud. "Hey, look what's different with me," and all that. After he said it, of course he closes his mouth, so I was like, "You have dirt on your lip?" "No." "You have a bug in your eye?" "No- look at my teeth, I lost my tooth." Yesiree, a very eventful family type of day.

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