Thursday, December 26, 2002

Work Post-Xmas

Got called into work today- the hazards of working receiving in retail. I had requested the day off months ago and gotten it, but one of the sales gals called in sick, so they called me to cover. Still got some time in editing on the Go-Kustom TV Show. Also got some new videos by Add N to X and John Doe. BTW- Go-Kustom TV didn't air tonight. The video tape deck our show was in didn't get activated by the computer system at the SCAN (Seattle Cable Access Netork) Studios and so the show didn't run. Turned on the TV a little after 10 (show starts at 10PM Thursdays) and no show. I called them- but it was too late in our half hour slot to reboot the deck. First time thats happened to us. The show will air next week- might be a little wacky since the show has a "Merry Christmas" bit in it, but thats show biz...

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