Tuesday, January 9, 2001


Almost bounced some checks yesterday. Caught it at the post office when I tried to use my debit card and had to make a special trip to the bank and fix it. "But wait," you ask," what in the hell does this have to do with anything. I do not care about your personal finances, Mr. d.A. Sebasstian." Listen...and I will tell you. Today I went to pick-up some film at the local drug store. When I was sorting through the bag I noticed there was another envelope in the bag. It was a "WELCOME TO THE BANK" new checking kit with blank checks inside and a deposit print out for some girl named Dierdra (last name intentionally withheld) new account. How the hell did this persons Checking Starter Envelope Kit (which does look oddly like the film envelopes I picked up at the drug store get in my bag? I don't know. So I call the bank...the branch she opened the account at is right down the street. I drop her stuff off at bank (such a good Samaritan) and get a grunt and quick thanks from the teller. As I'm walking out I hear Gary Numan's song "Cars" playing on the banks speaker system. This is one of my favorite songs. How often do you hear "Cars" blasting in a stodgy bank? How often do you ever even hear the song "Cars" played at all? What is going on here? Is this pre-banking karma? Does this even matter? I don't know. P.S. And the PT Cruiser won Motor Trends Car Of The Year Award! Go MOPAR!

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