Friday, January 5, 2001

Goth Box

I was in Tower Records this morning and I saw another compilation Cleopatra Records put out that I didn't know that I was on. That's a cool way to start the day! It's a 3 CD box set called This Is Goth. The song they picked, Memories & Discontent, was off the KILL SWITCH...KLICK- ALT. CD. I originally recorded Memories... back in 1985 with an early project of mine called ASIDE/BESIDE. It's a slow spoken word & synth piece with dark atmospheres. If yer interested click on and type This Is Goth in the little Search window. Also iREGULAR Records new WHO Tribute compilation called WHO CARES- A TRIBUTE TO THE WHO was featured on the King 5 (NBC) TV show Evening Magazine. The band P.S. Wilkinson (who is on the compilation) did a little closing spoof of a band being cut off by the credits. Before the ending though, they showed a nice 10 second shot of the CD and talked a bit about it as well. A very good day indeed!

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