Tuesday, August 22, 2000

Who'd Out

Mastered the WHO CARES: A Tribute To The Who on Friday & Saturday. Man, I'm Who'd out! Many of the 16 tracks captured the feeling of The Who, even though they weren't in the typical rock vein. I think even Pete Townsend would like it! There's everything on this disc, from gothic to electronic, from ambient to noise from alt. country to psychedelic dub. Now I've got to get it into
production. I'm hoping to have it out by October. I also started picking tracks for the Best Of Kill Switch...Klick that Cleopatra Record's is putting out later this year. I got confirmations that Tony James and Neil X of Sigue Sigue Sputnik are remixing Follow Me & Matt Green of Spahn Ranch is remixing Kontorted. It's hard to pick 16 tracks from 5 CD's. I've been looking at old DJ play lists, to try and get some perspective. There's certain songs that have to be on the CD...but which version? I'll figure it out. I also just started working on the next song for the d.A. Sebasstian CD called So Blue. It's jazzy with alot of groovy bass & vibraphone samples. James Whiton (bassist extraordinaire) played upright on it as well. I'll have to see how well this song sits between the Rockabilly sounds of Monster and the Trip-Hop attitude of Isabella. Rosie Huntress who used to sing in KsK and now plays in the band Flexie, said she'd do some guest vocals on some of The Flathead 5 tracks.

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