Thursday, February 8, 2001

CDR Enhanced Master

Got the CDR Enhanced Master back from Disc Makers and I'm ready to put the new d.A. Sebasstian into production. Looks like I'll make the March 27th, 2001, Street Date. I also got some substitute software so I can direct record into my iMAC. It's in lieu of the Steinberg Cubasis software that was supposed to come with the TASCAM US-428 I bought four months ago. I guess Steinberg is still working on the drivers to work with the Mac US-428 drivers. us poor Mac users have to wait for all the good stuff. Anyways this new software (DECK LE by BIAS) has enabled me to record again, since I gave my hard disk recorder away. Working on a new concept CD and song (no title yet). This tune is verging on surf rock! What a big departure from the good ol' industrial days. I realized that some of my earliest musical influences (like when I was an eight year old pining through my Mom's old Boyfriends LPs) are Dick Dale and Henry Mancini. Strange that it took me until I'm 36 years old to figure it out. I guess I was in denial. Maybe that's why I hate 80's pop metal with such a passion. The Malmsteens and Satrianis took the twangy bass heavy guitar sounds that I loved from the 60's and turned it into a lame assed shred fest. That whole "I can play faster than you can," crap. My initial interest in New Wave (circa 1980) started with hearing the B-52's Planet Claire which is a direct rip on Mancini's Peter Gunn. It was more primal and basic than the radio candy of at the time, not to mention, all my friends at the time hated the B-52's (a good way to reinforce your own individuality). Maybe this whole new CD will end up being an instrumental surf album. I'll just have to wait and see.

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