Monday, May 21, 2001

Exposure To Living

Perry Fulfs and Bill Wolford came by Saturday (two days ago) to drop off the cover art for Bill's new CD, entitled Exposure To Living. It's all finished and ready to ship to the pressing plant. Hugh Jones from The Penningtones is coming by tomorrow to finalize their artwork. We're gang running the two titles to save a little money and have both CD's ready for a June/July release date. I also finished the lad vocals for my Kill Switch...Klick cover of The Jackson Five's I'll Be There. It's a punk rock mess, but that's a good thing.


I was talking with some friends, a few days ago, about the state of the music scene here in Seattle. All of us agreed that things have become a lot harder for local musicians in the last 5 years. It's unfortunate, especially for up and coming artists. The Rocket (Seattle's only ALL MUSIC bi-weekly) was mysteriously purchased and shut down awhile back. KCMU (our biggest college radio station) has become part of Paul Allen's EMP. The station is now called KEXP or something like that. You've gotta wonder how many DJ's are going to slip up and give out the old KCMU call letters on air. You've also gotta wonder about the future of Seattle's underground radio. The commercial stations are ignoring most good music (that's nothing new), but with Marco Collins departure from KNDD local musicians lost a vital resource to getting their music heard on a bigger radio station. KMTT has ignored most local music altogether, even stuff that's clearly in their Adult Alternative format. Many of my friends have moved out of town because of the lack of support. The ones that have stayed bitch about the lack of decent "playable" venues. Man...we used to have decent local music TV shows (Northwest Rocks, Spuds Goodman), tons of clubs and several ALL MUSIC monthlies and weeklies. Q.- What happened?

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