Monday, October 22, 2001

Almost Ambient CD

Finished the Almost Ambient CD and next dayed it to Invisible Records last Saturday. They are supposed to master it today in Chicago. I had to rush to get all the tracks sorted and arranged. When they master the disc they are gong to compress and e.q. it, basically to get it to sound more polished. Mastering is key to getting a CD to sound it's best. A lesson I learned first hand with the first Kill Switch...Klick CD, Beat It To Fit, Paint It To Match. When I sent that one off to Cleopatra Records back in '94 I didn't know their was an extra step in CD production that included and such. I heard it for a full year after Beat It... came out. "How come your CD sounds so mid rangey," "I love the music but it sounds like its muffled or something," and "Reminds me of when I put my stereo speaker under my pillow when I was a kid." So let that be a lesson to you kids...always have your CD's mastered by a professional.

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