Monday, January 1, 2007

New Years 2007

New Years Day. Spent most of the three day weekend making a DVD backup for all my movie files for Hot Rod Girls Save The World. I was literally teathered to my G4 for two and a half days. I had to change out the DVD's in the drive every 20 minutes. The burn spanned 103 discs! I used Toast Titanium 7 which allows you to burn spanning multiple discs. In between running back and forth to the computers DVD burner, I watched hella movies with the kids yesterday. We had blown up two televisions right after Christmas, so a bought a new flat screen TV. It's not the HD killer TV, it's just a 29 inch with a flat screen. Anyways we decided to have a movie day...all day...yesterday. This enabled me to monitor my computer and re-lax (it will help me to relax!"). We watched Barnyard (interesting- though predictable), The Ant Bully (nice little animated film), Water (incredible Hindi language film about India's abused Widows), Stoked (wack film about pro skater turned killer "Gator"), Theramin (excellent documentary about Dr. Theramin inventor of many electronic gadgets including a musical instrument guessed it The Theramin) and Fast & Furious I & II (my sons movies).