Saturday, April 21, 2007

Major Matt Mason

Major Matt Mason...found this jpg on the internet that brought back childhood memories. In the late sixties everyone was space crazy, what with the Space Race in full swing and men going around and then on the moon. It was a very exciting time to be a kid. Major Matt was a space hero action figure made by Mattel ("Matt" Mason- coincidence or conspiracy?) Anyway I had all the toys and it inspired me (and most of the kids on my block) to want to become astronauts when we grew up. I have to ask- What the hell happened America!?!? I can not believe we don't have a real Moon Base or a colony on Mars right now. It was in the cards. Then we dropped the ball with Vietnam and the country fell apart. So did the Space Program. It makes me wonder how complacent human beings really are. Now we worry about money and money and money. How much does that Space Ship cost? What is the financial return. Greed without a vision. It is our undoing and may be our downfall. To think we had the stars within our grasp and then spent thirty years fretting about the expenses. Such a retarded species is human kind. Maybe the new Chinese Space Program will light a fire under the worlds ass. It seems America is so competitive (like that spoil rich kid in class who always has to win every game he plays) when it comes to being the center of attention. If the Chinese make a Moon Base then we'll have to have two- to show we are twice as good.

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