Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day Momma! I've been condensing scenes for the movie and assembling sections to see how the various scenes fit together. This is the beginning of the end. I've also revamped the Hot Rod Girls Save The World Screenplay with a Third Edition. New Cover Art, extra movie stills, Anywhere, Washington Map and Character Bios. Rented the Peter Gunn TV Show DVD (part one of a two part set put out by A&E). Wicked! Big Dodges, Chryslers and Plymouths with huge tail fins cutting through the night, film noir black and white style, beatniks, gangsters and mob bosses. This was a great show! The Henry Mancini music is unbelievable. I gotta buy this set, Also watched Deja Vu (very good), The Queen (boring), Flushed Away (excellent), The Last King Of Scotland (scary & an incredible story). Did I mention I'm shopping for an Agent to pitch the Anywhere Trilogy? I started writing the prequel to Hot Rod Girls Save The WorldThe Legend Of D.B. Petty: Street Racer last year as well as taking notes for the sequel Memories Of The Planet Earth. I think I'm going to write D.B. as a novel first (adjusting to a screenplay as I go), so once it gets published it will be an easier sell to make it into a film. I'm going to need $40-50 million to make this film properly. A similar budget to remake of The Dukes Of Hazzard. Mostly for the car crashes, stunts, set construction and to secure major major talent. Of coarse Memories will be even more as it is ALL SPECIAL EFFECTS. It all depends on how Hot Rod Girls does at the festivals and box office. Look for the Hot Rod Girls Save The World Comic Book and Coloring Book later this year. 

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