Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Got my newest Hot Rod Girls Save The World screenplay proof copies back from the printers. Look pretty good. Found a few more typos and will have to fix before the final pressing. Honestly this book is just a mechanical movie blueprint. The dialogue is funky and because I kept having to rewrite scenes in the field and because of continuity issues, areas of the work seem patched to-geth-er (as well they were). After finishing the Maps for Anywhere Washington, I definitely decided to write the next story, The Legend Of D.B. Petty (prequel to Hot Rod Girls Save The World) in novel form- then edit into the screenplay. The world of Anywhere is pulling me in. I keep getting flashes of scenes from the next movie and bits of dialogue in my head. I have written several chapters, but didn't like the directions, so I started over again. D.B. is a complex character and I haven't found his voice yet. Some characters aren't as easy as others. His mentor Dusty Mile has already made a few character changes that I didn't expect. That's a good sign and mean that the characters are coming to life in my head. Sounds nuts, but that's how it works for me. Especially since these characters are not based on friends or acquaintances. Speaking of friends, Amanda Casabianca has agreed to do the vocals on the new Kill Switch...Klick song Killing Machine. She will record in a few weeks in Davis, California. This is a remote project, which can sometimes be difficult, but since it's only vocals shouldn't be impossible to get a great sound.

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