Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lap Dancer Mentality

I recently pulled the Go-Girls pages from this website for several reasons. One was I was getting inundated with queries from young ladies wanting me to make them into a pin-up starlets, many of whom had no experience and only amateur pictures with no inclination to pay a real photographer to take some decent ones. The other reason has to do with a realization of a growing Lap Dancer Mentality among many young (and not so young) women. What gave me this realization was during a routine coffee stop a few weeks back. I was driving a different way one morning and pulled into a little parking lot drive thru coffee hut. This coffee stand was under new ownership and I hadn't been to it for years. As I pulled to the window I was shocked to see a very pretty stripper type girl in only short shorts and pasties! My first thought was, "this can't be legal- can it." The guy side of my brain was instantly arouse (she was very pretty with very large store bought boobies), but the paternal side was like- "What the fuck, what if an unsuspecting family pulled in here. Now don't get me wrong, I think the human body is incredible and there are too many laws about nudity (especially on beaches) that don't always make sense. I also feel our American children are taught (through current media) that nudity is wrong and killing someone is OK (bass ackwards or what?). Anyway as I bought my coffee and drove off I noticed how the barista's smile seemed forced and how she seemed vaguely uncomfortable. She would thrust her chest out, talk loudly and then kinda sink into a more subdued tone. Like an actress who couldn't remember all her lines. Strange- maybe it was because it was hella cold outside and even with a heater blowing up her panties, she still had gooseflesh on her arms. Maybe she just didn't feel comfortable standing in a coffee hut being ogled by two lanes of guys in pick-up trucks. I don't know. I hope she got shit loads of tips though. But what really bothered me was the exploitative factor of the situation. That Lap Dancer Mentality. Be nice to the guys, show some flesh, get the cash and get away. SO it was these thoughts rolling around in my head that led me pulling the Go-Girls pages. I will eventually put the Go-Girls links back up and we will have some scantily clad (but tasteful) gals on CD covers (I'm sure). I just want to make sure we keep on track as a Film and Rekord company, and leave the full on titillation to Playboy..

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