Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1967 Dodge Charger GT426

This is one of my Phantom (What If) concept cars. What if Dodge decided to make a Coronet/Charger styled car to compete with the Mustang and Corvette ala AMC's AMX (i.e. making a two seater that doesn't look that different from some of the marques other cars).. The AMX was essentially a shorter version of the Javelin, so by shortening the wheelbase AMC got two cars for the cost of designing one. This is the basis for this concept- a Dodge Charger GT or Coronet Sport. Based on a shortened Dodge Dart chassis the Dodge Sports car would have a large engine bay, enabling all of Chrysler's power plants to be available. Maybe I'll commission a 1/1 scale build someday.

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