Monday, December 12, 2011

How To Destroy A Perfectly Good GoPro Camera

So I decided today was the day to modify my GoPro camera with an after market lens, I purchased, to reduce the distorted fisheye look the camera naturally generates. This distortion is due to the fact that the GoPro has such a wide angle lens, made for maximum view (like when mounted to a cyclist's bike helmet). So anyway, after viewing a tutorial on the modification, I slowly took the camera apart. The screws were tiny and I almost lost several on the floor. After I had the GoPro apart and after unscrewing the original lens (a process which included the use of a heat gun to loosen the threads), I began putting the camera back together. I broke one tiny screw off in the case and then proceeded to (almost) cross thread the new lens into the camera. The threads for the lens are very fine and plastic, so it doesn't take much. After I got the camera back together, I fired it up with an external monitor and low and behold, the image was really really blurry. I watched the modification video again and realized that I had screwed the lens in too far. I unscrewed the lens just a bit and it started looking good- but just then the GoPro's battery died. I ran to my laptop and as I was plugging it in, snapped off two of the pins in the camera's miniUSB port! HOW UTTERLY STUPID! In my haste, I had destroyed a brand new camera! Well after boo-hooing around my studio for an hour, I decided the only plan of action was to buy a second GoPro (I had planned on doing that eventually anyway, for multiple angles per take), so I could use the internal USB battery charger and file reader on the new camera for both GoPro HERO HD cams. Stupid me day.

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