Sunday, June 29, 2014

Greenwood Car Show 2014

Had a fun day (overall) at the Greenwood Car Show in Greenwood (North End of Seattle). This show is massive- taking up dozens of city blocks with parked cars, vendors and people. We got a late start and unfortunately as I was looking for my vendor space, driving slowly down Greenwood Ave., a Show Volunteer charged my pickup with his golf cart and started yelling at me. I said calmly, "I just need to find vendor space." He yelled, cigarette hanging out of his mouth, "I should just send you home!" I got extremely pissed and started yelling full force back at him- "Your gonna do what Daddy?!?! Then I hope you have my $200 in your fuckin' pocket, because that's what I paid to be here!" He got scared and backed his putt putt cart up, getting on his radio to complain to some other volunteer. I just drove away. When I found my spot (right next to the Pin-Up Angels marked spot) two cars were parked right on top of both our vendor areas. Now this was only 10 minutes past the load out time (time you are supposed to have your vendor vehicle off the street, but way before the show is open to the public). I was surprised at the lack of organization this year in this regard. We have vendored at this show for years and the Car Club that puts the show on are awesome people. This lack of organization really seemed out of character. The other thing is- we were on the fence about coming to Greenwood this year because BilletProof NW was on the same day and BilletProof is more our Kustom Kulture type crowd. Greenwood is a little bit of everything, car wise and it is close to home. Anyway the car owners were really cool and move their cars off our spots without incident. Later on of the main directors of the show came up and asked if everything was OK now. I told him what happened and he apologized.

The sun peeked out a few times, the wind almost knocked our booth over several times and a few showers rolled through, but overall a very good day chatting with the people and selling our wares.

All Photos ©2014 Vienna Sebasstian

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