Thursday, June 18, 2015

West Coast Road Trip

Greyhound Buss Terminal Los Angeles
So went to Southern California via Greyhound Bus (32 hour trip) to help move my Momma up from there to Seattle. Took 6 days total. 2 days on the bus, 2 days helping pack and clean her old house and 2 days driving back up in her mini-van (with dogs and her talkative bird). I am tire, but mission accomplished! Good to have Momma back up here! Was completely off the internet for those 6 days as well, which was interesting as well.

Mom's Back Yard
Mom's Three Legged Doggie
Another Shot Of Mom's Yard in Lake Elsinore
On The Road
Somewhere In California

Snacks On The Dash

Trucks and Little Cars for Miles.

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