Sunday, May 28, 2000


Finished the lyrics for Monster two days ago. I was recording the backing vocal tracks and scratch lead vocal when my headphones died yesterday. So I had to go to Guitar Center here in Seattle to buy a new pair. $100.00! I've been using SONY MDR-7506's since the deGENERATE album (about 4 years ago). They are great studio reference headphones, and I'm used to their
flat response (limited coloration). I tried using a cheap-ass Radio Shack pair yesterday and was totally lost. It's hard to explain but without a clear reference point you can't mix sounds against each other. It takes alot of practice to mix. Not too much or too little bass, strong but not overpowering drums (I have a tendency to mix the drums out front)...and don't bury the vocals. You get used to something and that becomes your point of reference. Now I'm adding vocals and guitar breaks to Monster...should be finished this Memorial Day Weekend. I love 3 day weekends. I have a day job unloading trucks, and sometimes I'm so tired when I get off work I don't wanna do nothin'. I hate that. iRegular has been doin' better so I am cutting down my schedule this summer
to 4 days a week. It'll be like 3 day weekends all the fucking time! Except...owning a label is even more work than a 9-5'er. At least it's something I really enjoy. My wife is playing her Djembe upstairs. She has an all-female dance & percussion group.
Our house sounds like a music store. Stuff going on all the time, people coming over to jam or record.
It's all about music, music, music.

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