Saturday, May 13, 2000

Washington State DMV

Spent the whole morning at the Washington State DMV getting my license back. I haven't been able to drive for close to 7 years because of old parking & traffic tickets. In Washington State, if you don't or can't pay your tickets you can't renew your license. How fucking lame is that?!?!? They have recently talked about instituting a payment policy because the number of drivers without a license and insurance has gotten out of control. Seems the insurance companies complained and now the state legislature is changing the law. If you want change get big business behind you (they are already behind us- fucking us up the arse hole) and by golly things will change faster'n you can say Insurance Lobby. So I finally took my driving test, passed and got the damn thing back and can legally drive. Whoop de doo. Didn't do much else except hang with my Mom. She's gotta work tomorrow.

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