Monday, November 27, 2000

Milkin' It For All It's Worth

Spent the whole weekend updating this website and switching ISPs (now we're on Mindspring/Earthlink). Didn't get any music done. I'm finally mailing off the CDR to Cleopatra Records for Milkin' It For All It's Worth- The Best Of KILL SWITCH...KLICK. Also found out about another compilation Cleopatra Records put out with a KsK track on it. The CD is a 3 disc collection called This Is Industrial and is available on their website Our track was deCANONIZED from the Beat It To Fit, Paint It To Match CD. I'm also thinking about adding one more track to the d.A. Sebasstian disc (can't leave well enough alone). Its a bluesy/ trip-hop song called Whenever You Come Around. I'm gonna start tracking it and if it gets finished in the next few months I'll throw it on there.

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