Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Underdog Vs. Mr. Establishment

Finished The Underdog for the new self titled d.A. Sebasstian CD e.p. This ones more like Kill Switch...Klick style electronica rather than the new elektro-twang I've been experimenting with on the other tunes for this disc. Underdog was the last tune I had to write for the new CD and it should make it more musically diverse. Elisha-one, a upcoming local remixer and DJ is going to do a remix of Monster and that will finish the CD. The e.p. is gonna be- six new songs, a cover of Link Wray's Rumble, a remix and a Quicktime Movie of Example by director Brent Watanabe. Speaking of short films I shot some interview footage of Kevin Tone from Diamond Fist Werny and SoundRangers for my upcoming documentary last night. I don't want to give away the premise of the film but Kevin was the third interview I've filmed for it and I should have it finished sometime next year.

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