Saturday, November 17, 2001


Did some tracking for the Kompressor CD. Using Cubase VST and Reason software is an extremely fast way to work for me. I've never had this kind of flexibility with my musical tools before. I can't say enough about the Reason software. For years I relied on my trusty Roland S-550 sampler and Atari Mega ST4 computer. I would sample little bits of sound and layer the part together using the Atari as my main sequencer. The biggest limitation in that set-up was the limited sampling time (28.8 seconds total!) and the samplers low-fi sampling rate (30khz). Still it was state of the art back in 1988 and I made more than 6 albums worth of music with it. People used to come over to my home studio and couldn't believe that I actually still made albums with my archaic gear. My upgrade was a long time coming. The other thing computer based systems do, is simplify your mixer and outboard gear connections. I used to have to patch and re patch my way through all my recording sessions. Then struggle with mixer and sub-mixer settings. When it's all in your computer you can reconfigure your entire "virtual" patch bay in seconds and save it as part of the songs file. Anyway the skinny of this new way of working is increased output. That's what we all crave anyway...isn't it. INCREASED OUTPUT. I output mine, you output yours. Everybody's happy.

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