Sunday, November 25, 2001

A New Puppy!

Got a new addition to our family that already includes two adults, two kids and 5 cats (3 of which are sisters named after famous jazz singers). It's a Siberian Husky puppy! Everybody loves a puppy. Except the cats. They've all taken to hanging out in my recording studio and hissing alot. I hope everybody settles in quickly. Back to the pup- her name is Whisper and my wife got her from an animal rescue place down in Shelton, Washington. She's not a pure bred, but who really cares about all that. While my wife was getting the puppy, I did some guitar tracking for the Flathand 5 sessions. Worked on two jazzy type songs in particular. I added some minimal slide guitar to both. Seems to work in a strange way. Maybe I'll get this CD done by next year.

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